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I only created this account so I can comment on my favorite Nuzlocke comics!! My first favorite, though, is "It's a Hard Life". It made me want to do a Nuzlocke! I already started one but I'm writing it on my fanfic. It's in private, sorry! Anyways, I just love the comic and I hope the creator of it keeps it going!! I can and will wait if he needs a break.
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LMAO These faces though when Tess yelled “SHUT UP”!
I’d worry about the Riolu more than the gems stuck in his shoulder if I were you, Kiln.
I was so sure Wes was going to be out there and I was right!
Poor Darkai. Don't feel so bad, Darkai, you tried! Also, and I thought Lopunny talked about "listening to your teammates", huh? And she isn't doing that, heh.
Heh, and we wait for Lopunny's reaction when all she sees is green apples that Darkai accidentally picked up.
Love the new comic!
I started reading this like a couple of weeks ago and just caught up last night. I love this comic. Still loving the nickname for Mewtwo! Lopunny's face in that last panel, tho...
Poor Darkai. I hope Lopunny won't freak out and snap at him.
That part with Kato scared me! I thought he was going to die!! Also, keep up with the good work!
@Malvadeza: I felt the same way. But either ways, your cover was great, Qlock! Can't wait for the pages, but have fun with your family and take your time.
Enjoy your break! While I can't wait to see chapter 14, I understand if you need the break. This comic is my favorite pokemon nuzlocke and unofficial comic!
I finished rereading and this is my favorite Pokemon comic and Nuzlocke comic too!! Really love the style.
Just finished rereading this...
I just finished rereading this whole comic and it's the best Nuzlocke comic I've ever read... This is my favorite of all the Nuzlocke comics! Keep up the good work!! And about Puck... I don't know if I could really see him as a Blastoise... But he can really become stronger even as a Wartole. I would still love to see how he is like fully evolved.
I won't ever care about collecting pokedex ever again... I'll try to play Pokemon the right way... Thanks, Cogito...
Damn, man, damn!! Gotta love that Beedrill...
Just reading this again...
I love the nidoran!! She's a real badass when fully evolved!! This really made me want to do a nuzlocke... But I suck at drawing and I'm not as creative in drawing it... :/
Poor Petil XD
Looks like she'll have a hard time getting used to the team. It might take a while.
Best Nuzlocke Comic Ever!
I really loved this comic! I have actually condisered trying a nuzlocke but I just kept cheating.... My bad... Heh.. I'll just try again soon and try not to cheat. But until then, I'll just enjoy this comic!
By cheating I mean like I kept refusing to accept deaths or catching the next pokemon if the first of the area died.