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Dark-eyed Artist
I am an author with a problem in character creation and by that I mean I create way to many characters
Yes. Yes it was.
This feels like it is the calm before the storm. Excited to possibly see what stratoverse looks like, though.
I love how the speech bubbles are coming from the inside of his neck
I relate to Vera in this situation. Never learning the names of friends.
RGB's cane is apart of him in a way right? So what if the cane got taken by the ocean?
It's gone, isn't it?
It looks like Simon has a crush on Raphial
Please don't pull out a gun, please don't pull out a gun, please don't pull out a gun.
Well that's comforting
And THAT is why you don't touch the walls
Everything about this picture is perfect. From Indigo's nervousness to Madam President and Pi spying on the two.
Is this Creed?