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I like big buts.

We know!
don't worry the police won't fined the body, I'm good a t hiding stuff!

Im just going to take your word.
August 16th, 2017
That senpai shirt though
I love this story!!
keep up the good work!!
I can't wait for the next page!

Sweet hart I assure you that he is not the first nor the last Gay person you will meet.
Ok can i just say that you aren't being a burden if someone is offering there help, i can also understand why he's scared, i had to deal with sum bullies myself because of my sexuality, and i didn't tell my friends manly because they had school and other things to worry about, but when i explained what was going on and actually confronted the problem things got better.

Now i know that this is just a web comic and all but this cud be an actual scenario in summons life, ware they have the chance to get help and refuse because they don't want to be a burden and that rite there is a terrible way of thinking.
February 26th is my B-Day!!!
I love this Auntie!!!
Because he likes you!!!
there to cute
okay just going to point this out, there only got together last nite if I'm correct.
June 9th, 2017
ahh he so cute
Enjoy Your last living moments Bailey
Kiss kiss kiss kiss KISS
there way to f-ing cut <3
I don't know how Hendrix is comfortable with showing his scars to Jules, i mean isn't he self-conscious?
Sum thing to exciting? What on earth do you mean?