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Thanks, kokio! That's cool to hear!
Yayy! Welcome to the fray, RainbowCrayon.
lol, yup. Better believe it.
I love how deadpan Baron is. He knows he's being silly but delivers the line authoritatively anyway. I like 'im.
Seedless - that's not a bad thing. :D
I keep on trying to convince myself to get sunglasses but I just can't bring myself to spend uber amounts of money on something I KNOW I'm gonna lose. I'm in the same boat -- power to us and stuff. :)
It is indeed. And as a side note: Bubble-tea is actually quite tasty despite its oddness. :)
lol, dead on, Nightmare.
Yeahhh... So true. Ryan's description of Borgia: "(Borgia) is abody-building miracle. He's got muscle groups that don't exist... and shoulders as wide as a Chrysler."
nawp! near as I can tell you're still the prodigy you were yesterday! XD

It's a new revelation!
Idene -- I love it! If it's cool I'mma gonna change the script around a little bit!

And yes but no: it's a NINTENDA t-shirt :)
Good call on her name, Idene! You know the fourth panel (the one with Wendylyn smiling)? We were playing with the idea of making it upside down! In theory it was a neat little touch since Kieron's upside down -- but in practice it looked kinda weird... just thought you should know!
I've still gotta put in the text for the signs... but I like the page as it is so it's kinda a catch-22. Hmm.
Wow, you're good! Check out the next page for the character subtitle :D
Truly. I don't know. Ryan, one of our creators here, described this chapter as, "two-fisted pulp awesome served on a bed of moral ambiguity." And it really begs the question -- did the boys do the right thing here?
Thanks a bunch! I had a good reference pic (the first picture on a google search for police helicopter :)) and then it's just patience and lots of erasing. I just don't get how some people are so great at doing hardcore mechanical drawings! Some car concepts/etc are SO PRETTY!