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So I leeched an intro idea, I havent even started on Ally's updated sprites so yeah.

If you cant read my crappy handwriting it sez "You do remember me? rite?"
But srsly, anyone here actually remember me? xD

So yeh, random drawn intro comic thingie.
*stalking this showcase for all eternity and does not know why*

9 is cute.
And hai.
I remember back when you were a hedgehoggggg, then you were a fox lol~
this comic SUCKS BALLS!!!!!

Dave, I hope you've realised how uncalled for that comment is.
The only reason your saying that is because you've been forever asking to come back in but we arent, and we do have reason not to.
Do you really think that leaving an immature comment like that is gonna help you get back into this comic?
If things don't go your way, don't make it worse by saying things like that.
I have dibs on using those shoes next.
two words.
I. Fail.

But yea, I needed to update more, I changed Ally's look abit.
you'll have to ask Welly that.
Meh. The main reason I changed was because my last one didn't suit me well.
@Ray: It wasn't ment to be funny D: was it?

@Zonic: srsly? That long? ._.
This comic needed an update.
And I needed to use my new Ally sprites.
No, it's not ment to be good.
Which is also why I ask for mine to be deleted. As I am not in this comic and it is breaching rules to use someone's char in a comic they aren't in without permission.
I know this is also in SGB, but here. No, I please ask that you delete it.
Teel has new sprites actually.
Just sayin'.
You dun have any *SHOT TO HELL*
Critical. What the HECK was that for? So he uploaded something without knowing, that gives you NO reason to tell Zonic to go die.
Sure it pissed Martin off, but he's calmed down now, and Zonic, that doesn't mean that you have to stop updating, you can always make comics, just not news.
And again, Critical, don't you dare say something like that again for such a petty reason.
Yes, but I've actually improved since then, even if it wasn't long ago.
it's not, maybe it's just how I sprite
Yea, Teel's new sprites.

**edit or recolour these and I will hunt you down.
I'm sorry, but isn't that a bit harsh?
What your suggesting is that people who have different opinion can die in hell.
Doesn't that sound unfair to you?
It does to me, I mean, different opinions is the beauty of life, so it's perfectly fine for people to dislike this song.