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Uh... i draw sometimes and people say im good ut i dont believe them lmao does that count as a hobby..
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With the next eevee photo, you spelled fabulous wrong.
@FlowerEspeon: the one with the bandana is blizz.
Why are the sketches patreons only or download xD
Congratulations on reaching your date of birth for yet another year in this cruel, agonizing world!
@Pinkeevee222 i actually wanna see you answer these lul
@Silver the Eevee: Yeah and he'll feel even worse when he finds out poor blizz...
@.The_Sof.: i totally saw this coming lmao
I was the first rating!
Tfw your theories are actually semi correct and you have to stop yourself from saying any spoilers in comments
Is that flame? That was never specified... was it?
..... not elaborating
I noticed that white spot under Dusk's arm nyehehehe
When dawn says pervert flame says hipocrite... DOES DAWN LOOK AT CORN TOO?!?!?
Wait are those red and blue glows visible to all the other eevees or just for reader view
@Pinkeevee222: F. U. R. From the tumblr?
So Daisy occasionally stals Vay's hat and goes hunting lab experiments? Lulwut i didnt think she knew about the lab b4 re reading this...
Nvm thats adam, lol. Similar design to Lem...
3 things
1. Is that Lem being defensive in the title?
2. Is that Oliver's smexy sense in the beginning with those hearts?
3. How has Clef killed more pokemon than Dawn...
Flame really likes his french girls doesnt he ;)