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A 1989 girl from Denmark, who spends way too much time doing other things than updating her comics.
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She? :P
I am back!
So I will promise you, that this whole week will have *dayly* updates!

Which means...there'll be an update tommorow - and the day after that, and that...just to get the story moving!

:D :D
Ema! :D

very quick colouring + no background...I sux :/

hmmm...her arm seems short.

AWESOME! I am so watching this one!
If you just *knew* how many times I had to redo this page....must be its cursed number. Hahaha.
You've melted my heart :D
I'm back :D
5/15 comics done. I'll only update once a week. (tuesdays) :D
I didn't bother colouring this, because I wanted to do the other pages. :O maybe I'll colour it later. Who knows.
I like the first panel very well - we just leads me to the conclusion that you're good with both watercolour and computer colour, so go you.
Never read the whole story of Growth, since my attentionspan is rather short - therefor I would like to say it has become rather dramatic in a good way. Vincent is slightly OOC - but Nanaki's character growth is amazing. Kudos
me gusta el comic :) and I especially like the break with Yuffie and Vincent - made the page not all too serious.
December 12th, 2007
half of the text is missing...I'll fix it when I wake up.
Hmmmm - I can see the logic in that - the conformor being segemented that is.
I hate this page
1: something went wrong with Kami-sama' hair.
2: I was lazy, and I hate the letters on my papers...should've left them blank.
3: Those newspapers are taken from google. (best site evar!)

What I do like.
The colouring of the hand in the fourth panel.


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It's updated with a picture of what one of the main protagonists will look like through most of the story :)
Looks absolutely amazing...especially since Vincent's look is very *him* - keeps him in character...would be odd if he smiled.
Oh my god Irene! you're here...too!!
:) cool - didn't notice that my drawing had been posted. Guess I'm kindda slow...hahah. Yay!