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June 28th, 2009
Your art looks amazing.
Gonna +fav this one, sounds interesting :]
The cover is awesome. sdgndosg.
Just how can you color so awesomelly, haha.

Can't wait for the chap to start.
Keith is pure gold.
I've never seen such an interesting and utterly hideous character. I give you points for that : D
That's just like when my crush comes close. Argh, it's really hard to just look yourself and not to do anything :'D

This page was so sweet, bahf, and I still like Simon very much, mm<3
...Keith is totally killing me :'D
We can wait, so be sure to have a wonderful holiday n_____n

I don't know why I always like characters that are sometimes super annoying *laughs* It happened again :'D
We can wait<3 Have a great holidays n___n

Trish is so lovely. I love him when he smiles.
Haha, I could just say exactly same things as marufan before me.

I put this to my bookmarks a week ago, and finally had time to read it. I must say that this is really well-made story and you're really good at writing. Purh<3
I'll be waiting for updates of course and it's really rare for me to read something on the internet *laughes*
Bawww, coolness >.> We need moar.