Melody The Silver Angel
Heya, ya'll! My name is Melody and welcome to my profile thing. I am a somewhat published author and artist. I love drawing cartoons and playing video games, especially Dragon Ball Xenoverse Two. I am a hyper and outgoing girl once ya get to know me. I also worry over everything. But, go check out Gloomverse on here. It is an amazing comic full of comedy and at occasions, dark moments. It is amazing, so go check 'em out!
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@spiremint: *laughs* Me if that could ever happen.
@Loverofpiggies: I agree with this. No one should force ya to do what they wanna do. And, I just want to apologize in case I have ever done this. I tend to be forgetful and a bit pushy. So, I apologize.
@spiremint: His MUMMY!!!!!!
Wait. Why is Harold sorry?
Dawwwww. So cute!
@JellyFilledZombies: No problem! Keep up the good work!
@triforce fandom: Sister.
The person in the background is hilarious.
I'm crying. Oh God. I'm crying.
Wait. Is what I'm thinking possible?
Yellow eyes: Sure.

Wait. Are they fallen angels?