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@Eeveeisthebest: The Hufflepuffs are late, but ayooaayy better late than never, yeah? Here I am!
They're both too frickin adorable. So this decision we have to make; I'll handle it. They kiss and live happily ever after. Lex lives very near and they have a dance instructor school/safe home away from home for kids with shit homophobic parents. Yeah? Okay thanks, yeah.
August 15th, 2018
This is the actual cutest page to ever happen. I'm so happy to see the pups again~ whenever I mention anything about this comic to my fiance', I have to tell him 'the one with the dino-dogs', because he can't keep track of comic names. lol.
July 15th, 2018
I can't say I'm not bummed, but honestly, thanks for not just dropping it and disappearing, at least you have plans to type up the last bit and didn't just leave us all hanging. Also, appreciate cliche's, they're fun ^_^
Best of luck with your move!
Shit, I feel sick. I would like to just be ready in the background with Lex, please? He can have his steel pipe, I'll find a bat.
I love Lex so much. This whole thing twists up my stomach, poor kid can't even have a proper crush because his dad fucked up his head. Talk some sense into him, Lex, please.
So I've been disconnected for a bit, and come back only to find out that I share a birthday with that god-like creature?! Thank you so much. I'll happily share my birthday with Lex~
That's frickin' adorable. Jeez, Elis.
January 29th, 2018
Aaagh, why do I feel so PROUD of him?!

I see lots of 'didn't they just meet' and such, happening in comments, but honestly, yeah, they did, but some people just /make/ you feel like you can just go for it, right? I mean... that's how I feel about it. Some people just make it easy.
@Giogio Georgette: I Didn't realize I wasn't logged in. That ^ was from me.
@Seve: No way! It's definitely cute dino stuff! I'm seriously in love with that mug, please continue to draw cute dinos!
I'm gonna assume that even though, as everyone else stated 'word of a demon', doesn't seem as if it'd mean much, it's a pretty solid agreement for him. But down to the real question here... when he shows up at school or wherever in front of other people, is he still gonna have his dark demon eyes and shark teeth, or can he change appearance at will/have glamour in front of your average citizen?
Well here's the thing Eli, there's no good answer right now and you're not going to do anything for at least 2 years. Also, that is my favorite mug ever created and I need it immediately. <3
Even if it's perfectly accessible, cheap, and easy for him to replace that string by himself, still a wicked douche move to change it after he specifically said 'No, don't, I'm doing a thing.' -_-# rude, man.
This is the actual most adorable thing. Jeez. lol
Why did I forget that we were in the 'You're gonna cry when you read the update' portion of this program? Damn.
Augh, this last panel too! Oh man, you draw the feelings so well.
His expression in the last panel... I seriously feel it. Very nice art, stings though.
The song didn't make it hurt worse at all! It's just... I just have a little heartache in my eye that's all. Shit.

Also, as one of the aforementioned proposed-to readers, I second the motion to not put Lex in timeout for long (although he may need it), and also, I'm in~
God I knew there was gonna be drunken confessions of the negative kind but these are such graphic threats that asshole has made. I hate how accurate this is to the way abused people start to feel about themselves. I mean... great depiction, it's perfect, but I cried.