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August 31st, 2017
@Laura the Wolf: ugh, intimacy issues suck.
Rudy and ME. It should read "Rudy and MEEEEEE" REEEEEEEE
But you KNOW on the inside Maria is SO disappointed.
Wow Izzy is REALLY touchy feely with Barista. But I suppose after the circumstances of their first meeting personal space issues seem a little ridiculous.
Times are tough man. Plus having this girl on your resumé is probably an effective attention getter.
@RadicalTrain: also I imagine the looks he's getting are because he's buying XXL and "MAGNUM" condoms
@RadicalTrain: maybe in big cities and busy stores and shit but in middle America the bible belt and quiet little convenience stores and gas stations you get that all the time.
Also this feeling is also had by the painfully shy and socially inept/paranoid
"drug vault" I'M IN.
"You don't give thought to consequences of any kind" EXCEPT THOSE THAT RESULT FROM FARTING IN THE PRESENCE OF OTHERS
wait wait wait... I thought this girl gave no fucks. Now she is self-conscious about farting in front of other people and other bathroom-related things? Lame.
That actually sounds like a great friend, just as long as there's more weed and psychedelics and maybe coke than booze and opiates and meth
wow that girl must be desperate I mean $3000 is kind of a lot of money but I'm pretty sure most women would say no to that I mean you don't know where that pussy's been and herpes is for life
deleted line: I gained 15 pounds in 6 weeks from all the pizza and beer
If only our girls' uniforms had required/allowed those tiny miniskirts...
Gratuitous half-naked butt shot...
The umbrella is a great touch
Wow that's kind of fucked up but I guess if this is permanent then her attitude is kind of a good thing