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hi I'm bisexual and closeted and generally bitter and pessimistic about life, so if I pissed you off or seem weird please try to bear all that in mind.
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So put on a jacket...
@guest i feel you.
teenagers... absolute lightweights
Lucky for Charlie, there is a TON of UNEATEN PIZZA
not OK.
"get in losers" nice reference boieee
Hey Aiden, what made you choose red for the dye job? Did your parents hate it?
not quite the same thing, but OK
July 6th, 2019
@Curio probably cuz she's a heart-of-gold tsundere, we just haven't seen it yet
@He Who Abides Damn, real talk.
@AshenOne setting the bar REAL EFFING LOW LMAO (not a real laugh btw it's quite unfunny)
couldn't have said it better myself
@plasticwrap delete that "Unfortunately I feel that" I changed what I wanted to do with the rest of the sentence without modifying he beginning and now that says almost the opposite of what I meant. I'm commenting on my phone and that makes proofreading a bitch, plus I hardly ever do that for comments anyway.
@He Who Abides I appreciate your sentiment. I really do. And I sympathize(d) with Drew because if I had had any social stand worth losing and I didn't get off on being provocative in high school, I probably would have reacted the same way. It's hard coming out to yourself as bi/pan, let alone letting go of the privilege(/curse) of the closet when you know people can be so horrible and intolerant. And finding out you are a shade of queer through an androgynous/genderfluid person has to make that even more confusing. And Rudy can be kind of a bitch. But queer folk have to stick up for queer folk. Hopefully we don't lose sight of forgiveness and the hope that people can change for the better when we pick fights with our siblings' aggressors. That's all we can do. Unfortunately I feel that those bisexuals among us who don't feel gay enough for pride and don't come out to everyone right away "aren't committed to the cause enough to deserve respect or sympathy or welcome" which sort of begs people to stay in the closet, since we aren't always welcome in LGBT spaces. And often that's because we are confused for longer, have a certain level of privilege, an often a different perspective. I don't know if you're bi/pan, but if you are you probably already know what I'm talking about. Catty gays and salty lesbians can and have taken out their shit on those of us who will "always" betray our fellow legbutts when the going gets tough or are otherwise not being honest with ourselves just to hop on a trend and feel special. Pretty sure they say the same thing about enbies who choose not to have surgery or take hormones. Says more about humankind's tendency to compete for resources and find scapegoats for that which is unjust, if you ask me.
@Illiander thanks! I'll get back to you once I get a chance to read them
@someone_else yes, I've also come across this rather broad definition of intersex, and people who have an extra sex chromosome may, like you said, never know. But how are these people actually affected by this status, and what place does it have in the LGBQTI+ conversation? If they were never given unnecessary surgery or something like that, how is this any different from the injustice cis people suffer under the gender binary? Not trying to minimize the trans struggle, but the gender binary should simply be abolished, if you ask me. Then we deal with an individual's biology on an individual basis, not needing to correct anything (like premature menopause, intersex genitals, gonads in unusual locations, etc.) in order to place said person closer to the typical physiology of a male or female.
tl;dr - if someone falls into this broader definition of intersex but resembles a person with typical physiology to the extent that no one, not even they themselves know they are technically intersex, then what the hell does that matter and what does it have to do with the argument at hand?
@Illiander could you please post a link? I'm happy to read about the topic.
@Spooks except intersex people are exceedingly rare, right? I und er stand that the exostence of intersex people rattles the stability of the sex binary but I mean... saying "assigned female" vs. "biologically female" is essentially a matter of semantics where we're not supposed to assume the status of someone's reproductive organs based on their secondary sex characteristics and other typical consequences of hormones and puberty like figure, build, and facial structure/facial hair... Right? This particular point boils down to semantics and not trying to trigger someone's dysphoria, right?