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Lil' Angst
Does that girl have an undercut and a slightly large head, or a hairstyle I don't recognize? Also, pool day would ruin most peoples' hair...
This is the definition of fremdschämen. Maximum cringe. Put them away you moron, before people see!
@JazminLucyBL: for fucking real, especially after what happened recently...
@girly_pink_angel: I think I'd do the same song and dance I would if I walked in on someone on the toilet; "oh shit, sorry, sorry" and close the door ASAP and feel pretty embarrassed, and then probably shout questions through the door
I suspect she knows. She just needed a moment to think of a response that didn't give it away.

Also, NTS: if you walk in on your kid grappling with another kid on their bed, alone in their room, regardless of gender, that shit begs some questions. Like, do you need condoms? Are you acquainted with the finer points of consent? Are you aware that lube can save you a lot of pain? But never use butter or Vaseline with condoms.
FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS?!? How old are you dude holy shit and are you fucking him or are you guys secretly playing vidya games after school every day?
February 10th, 2018
Not everyone takes being bi in stride. There are many reasons why so many bis stay in the closet, but so-called conventional wisdom might suggest being bisexual isn't actually possible. Bisexuals (much like NB folks) are often misunderstood and aren't even always welcome in LGBT spaces. Those misunderstandings and sources of shame often shove people back into the closet.
February 2nd, 2018
Until your dad forcibly shoves you in the backseat of the car with the child locks on and drives you to that conversion camp way out in the middle of nowhere.
How old is Maria? 17? 18? The senior/freshman gap doesn't have to be toxic or predatory. One of Chanel's primary characteristics is how withdrawn and shy she is BECAUSE OF THE BULLYING she got BECAUSE SHE'S SOOO NOT A LOLI. Yes, she's short, but she got bullied so much because she developed a big-ass rack VERY early. And Maria respected Chanel's wishes and boundaries! So! Let's tally up the scores:
Both partners are in high school
The younger is not pronouncedly prepubescent
The magnetism within the relationship is AT LEAST primarily emotionally- and/or intellectually-based, considering the younger shows signs of being secks-repulsed, and the older has respected her wishes
and not that I support these sort of biases, but the older partner is a woman and women are at least statistically less likely to be sexual predators.
How is any of this creepy? People baby high schoolers too much, generalize their naïveté.
Let me drop a truth bomb on you: 14yos all over the planet are having consensual, more-or-less-healthy sex. By acting like THERE'S NO WAY IN HELL a 14yo girl could want or consent to sex you are: 1) adding an unnecessary level of shame to what is often a natural and statistically unsurprising event and 2) contributing to a culture that refuses to outfit young, potentially sexually active young people with the tools to make informed, responsible, healthy decisions regarding their sexuality.
14yos get horny. 14yos kiss. 14yos play 7 minutes in heaven. 14yos are boy scouts and girl scouts and have long indefinite periods of isolation where they choose to explore each others' bodies. 14yos lose their virginity willingly, sometimes even without peer pressure to do so. So let's stop acting like the mere idea of a 14yo having sex is "creepy" and start equipping them with the tools to make adult decisions that through biology are FORCED UPON THEM before they're actually adults.
Sincerely, someone who was lucky not to have an unplanned pregnancy at age 14.
Not sure if...
Is Takashi going the yandere route? Scary...
[when this page takes forever to load] AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Oh my God, I'm such a perv... I thought for sure he would finish that line with "my beautiful sword"
January 19th, 2018
@kippydraw: Stephen Universe fan detected :
January 19th, 2018
@kippydraw: not at the prices Hawaii seems to drive!
January 19th, 2018
A sandwich at a "dive" in Hawaii costs 6-7 dollars... wew boy...
January 19th, 2018
DAMN KEIKI if this kid wasn't so slow with the feelings you'd either have freaked him out by now or be making out already jeez flirt at the speed of sound why don't you
January 19th, 2018
January 19th, 2018
Keiki's such a shameless flirt.