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"make love?" Who tf says that?
It seems pretty obvious that they wouldn't menstruate. They're dead. No blood pumping.
Plus, NO MESS! Lucky bastard
A esper professor who takes intense hallucinogens? I like this comic more and more with each page!
@alkaplan he's right tho, it's fantastic stuff. I'm left questioning if it's a basement apartment, due to the small high window (and teacher's salary) despite the fact that it's nicely furnished/decorated
It's often a very thin line, one easily fallen over into bitter feelings.
Unisex locker rooms?
Also this professor and his powers, both extraordinary and administrative better be explained at some point [nervous laugh]
Hold on hold on, I was wondering the same thing myself: how DO you pronounce Damien's name?
heh, that's a pretty good joke, actually
someone reply to this so I remember to come back to this page when I'm not on my phone
how does one say AAAUUUUGGGHHH in French?
@alkaplan I am so far! Really digging the Man in the High Castle-esque vibes to the universe and I was literally talking about the art style when I said "looks so good"; the classic visual style with the minimal color palette is striking and distinct among webcomics, and definitely adds to the eerie, even nauseating vibes.
I just realized flying can be really dangerous for him. Think about delays, security, how all kinds of flights take way too long and the airports loooove big windows... Scary.
Dylan you foxy girly bitch
in an alternate dimension... a threesome ensues!
@CrowCorvus Word. It's very nice to know some people can ungrudgingly be "the bigger person" and reach out to bridge the divide, even if the other person is the person who should apologize first
@almostkawaii do we just not use he Kinsey scale at all anymore? The author said Dylan's attracted to women, and Joa. That would make him a 1 or a 2. Many bisexuals find themselves creeping closer to 3 after they meet that one person of he same gender/sex who cracks the door open. But even if this isn't the case, if he experiences hetero desires in a typical way, doesn't that preclude him from being demi? Or is the definition of demi (and by extension asexuality) so flimsy that anyone who isn't a complete horndog fits somewhere on the ace spectrum? If the "ace spectrum" really is that broad, then we should also recognize that many MANY people are by the same logic somewhere on the bi spectrum and are also "non binary" i.e. not totally masculine or totally feminine.