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@Nieidanine hmmmmm... OK I guess
@Nieidanine also I wasn't implying Transfusions is bad. I meant to imply that it's good, I just find this one aspect to be flawed; the sexual intimacy between these two feels rushed to me
@Nieidanine chronologically, within the universe, how long have they known each other? Because despite 400 pages, it really feels like they've known each other for 2 months tops. Men who grow up thinking they are straight do not generally develop an enthusiasm for bottoming in that short a period. But I assume, from your tone, that I must be wrong about how long they've known each other.
@Nieidanine sorry I always mess up the reply process on mobile. My response is down below.
Not to be unkind, but for two guys not previously aware of or currently sure of their homosexuality, these guys are going pretty hot and heavy. And if you're comparing yourself to plot-what-plot and tongue-in-cheek cliche-blowout BL comics, then you're lowering the bar reeeaaaaaallly far. I guess I just wish I could read a good BL webcomic with bisexual characters who have doubts or are at least less-than-sure about being gay and having gay sex. It's hard enough to find good comics,and they usually engage in this sort of vicarious fantasy of "love conquers all labels." Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't, but it sure as shit doesn't erase your fears and doubts about a newly discovered orientation.
Honestly this author is a bit shameless with the fan service in'she?
Blair = unrealistically good guy
I mean I'm pretty sure I'd say similar things, but my problems surface later in relationship.
For me it's easier to be honest with people I barely know
This page made me smile :D
Come on... "it just doesn't feel right"
Is that really how trans allies (not that I'm not one I just don't know any transppl anymore afaik) feel? Somehow personally dragged into the emotions? Idk it just seems a little generous to give Rudy such extensive empathic powers.
Besides, dudes can wear dresses!
Holy shit! That's one hell of a way to come out! But I guess if you're dying to tell somebody and you're afraid of pretty much everyone else...
How to get arrested 101...
Now we officially know we are in an AU. That would be supremely weird and awkward and tense in any rural bar in Texas in this universe.
In reality the bar would suddenly get very quiet and Kimrick's reputation would likely be trashed. This sort of drunk gay shit only happens between women outside of the cities.
Nooo. Stop. Too fast
If they hate fuck it's gonna feel rushed but oh well
nice dream.
So I've been wondering, is this set in Scandinavia? Joa is clearly supposed to be British right? Sometimes you see comics where most characters speak English, and translations of characters not speaking English appear in brackets or something.
lol what a little liquid courage and latent curiosity won't do...
lol I thought the same exact thing