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I've been doing art for a while and recently I've started to work on my own comics. I'm really into manga and a couple of DC series.
Assassin's Creed
Black Butler
Death Note
Tokyo Ghoul
Killing Stalking
Yuri!! On ice

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BTW, Axel's sleeves are longer than that and he has no bracelet. Remember that when looking at panel 2
Haha thank you so much
@Animerules!: what happened was that the artist got lazy- no seriously sometimes I just don't draw things to make the process easier if details are supposed to be small haha
@Animerules!: Thank you! I love drawing his eyes, he's one of the few characters I can give animu kawaii desu (**cringe**) eyes
There shall be more soon
@moscovm: Thank you! I was really going for that innocent ghibli-ish effect! And it might appear again one day ;)
@deee45: Thank you so much! <3
@Seve: Thank you!! Hopefully he will soon ;)
@Arcane Allusion: Haha indeed he does! Thank you so much!!
@Mostly Mad Hatter: haha yeah, I love my scarves and often wear em like that
@Mostly Mad Hatter: nah axel pulled it out for leon but leon was like: nah mate fuck off and sat on another chair (badly drawn cus the page ooollld af)
@Wall_Spider: He'll have to be reminded to say it next time
@WaifuwithaKnaifu: Thank you!!! I'm so glad you do!
@;): Same tbhhhh but I suppose they'll have to take it slow T n T
@Hmmmm: he tried
@MalluriaBP: Yeah! I'll try to get back to regular updates soon!