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I go by Pasta and make comics! You can also check out my other art over on tumblr and instagram!

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@Legolas117: I will!! It's my main project and 3 more pages should be coming this week :D
@EmiruZaiikawa: Thank you! <3
@moscovm: Thank you, I'm glad to hear that you think so! And yeah, agreed about the trusting part.

I will certainly let you guys know what I plan to do. ight now, I think I'm going to take a hiatus and think about the future of these comics before I do anything else.
I'm not sure about it yet, but I might take a hiatus from this comic soon. Or just quit it. Both of them, maybe. Idk yet, but I feel like working on them is making me feel worse than ever and maybe moving onto another project will be better for me. That being said, I'm still going to try and finish it and update you guys on whether or not I'll do any of those things.
@FrostyLostWoods: I'm so glad you are, really made my day haha
@Wall_Spider: I'm glad you think so!
@EmiruZaiikawa: (His name is Leon) yes he is!!
@moscovm: Thank you so much! I really hope to bring out more extreme emotions in my art when necessary!
And I'm glad you think so! I personally had a quite open relationship with my parents so I'd usually at least tell them a little
@Wall_Spider: BabY BOY IS SMILING
BTW, Axel's sleeves are longer than that and he has no bracelet. Remember that when looking at panel 2
Haha thank you so much
@Animerules!: what happened was that the artist got lazy- no seriously sometimes I just don't draw things to make the process easier if details are supposed to be small haha
@Animerules!: Thank you! I love drawing his eyes, he's one of the few characters I can give animu kawaii desu (**cringe**) eyes
There shall be more soon
@moscovm: Thank you! I was really going for that innocent ghibli-ish effect! And it might appear again one day ;)
@deee45: Thank you so much! <3