I've been doing art for a while and recently I've started to work on my own comics. I'm really into manga and a couple of DC series.
Assassin's Creed
Black Butler
Death Note
Tokyo Ghoul
Killing Stalking
Yuri!! On ice

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@AutumnWolf20: haha that's great :D I personallyy don't enjoy it but tastes vary
@Guest: h o w? I mean I don't take that as an insult but like the only correlation I see is an abusive guardian
@Calz like no other: haha I actually don't like pinapple on pizza but people have different tastes
@Calz like no other: nah it's not annoying I just don't want any copyrighted things in my comic just in case xD
@Calz like no other: it isn't anything like I'm not gonna call it fb cus of reasons. Just take it as facebook but it just doesn't have the same name
@Calz like no other: sorta, not totally but like...totally inspired by it XD
@Calz like no other: sad indeed, can't say anything about that tho, haven't read/watched it
@ZoZo: yeee
@Ledgerina: yeah, you're spot on with that!
it's not just you
Omg he looks really really know how to design attractive people XD
@OnyxKita: hehehehehe....-
@OnyxKita: He is indeed a dick but I cannot exactly confirm he is his father-
Omg your comic is beautiful so far! Can't wait to see more!