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Hey, when's this continuing? >:
August 20th, 2010
RE: Rosey- Aaah, yes. Those poor poor apples. May they rest in peace. X3

And, yay! :3 I'm glad you like him! ^__^
August 20th, 2010
Hiya, guys! I'm new here.. um.. since awhile ago. Heheh. ^^;; Sorry if I haven't posted anything, but now I just did! Right? :3 Anyways, this is my first character, Notte!

Name- Notte (Seems to not have a last name.)
Age- 19.
Sex- Male.
Orientation- Unknown so far.
Weapon- His teeth.
Species- Long-eared vampire.
Hobbies- He loves apples the most. Notte barely eats anything else than apples, no one really knows why. Though he doesn't chew on them at all, he'll just use his fangs to suck out everything in it, then throw away the rest of them.
Likes- Kind people, animals, apples.
Dislikes- Screaming, mean people, pineapples, blood.
Personality- Notte is very quiet, he doesn't say much. He's also very shy, though he wants to overcome his fear of talking to people.

Others- He has a very ugly past. (I'll draw it up later. :3) He absolutely hates blood and the smell of it. But vampires needs to drink blood to not get crazy, right? Well, we'll see how this works out.

He also has a sister.
I'll post! As soon as someone else'll post first! I'm ready!

Oh and I haven't really introduced myself, but I guess I'll do that as I post my first character. :3
July 15th, 2010
Um, just so you know it.. I can't post any comics. ._. I'm not.. authorized, or somethin'. >w<;;
Nyaa.. @__@ Cool! But .. scary.. but still cool!
July 12th, 2010
Oh, wow. This comic looks very interesting! *w* May I join? My friend told me about this.
Oh? He is? 8D .. Uhm.. @w@ Thank you.
He's one of my favourites too, of course. Since I've had him since the first .. maple? No, earlier... the other collab. I've forgot the name.. ? @__@ Backy was the main author.
.. No comment.. for awhile.. ._. It's Lucian on the picture.
October 24th, 2009
This is Frey, one of two twins. The other one is his sister Freya. He's 17. .__. Ask if you want to know anything else.
September 26th, 2009
Uh, what should I say. .. Hello? o__o
Anyways, Mary missed Chi. ( I know you did!
D8 ) So did I. So I decided to re-draw her,
now she looks like this, I also wonder if I
could smack her into MA,? o________o If not, I'll have to use her to something else. <__<
I don't really know wich of my characters I
want to have left, but Chi is one of
them. .____.

I'm sorry if the drawing is so small, I just
couldn't draw it any bigger because the
lineart would look like my mom in the
morning. D8
I'm not sad! D: HE is.. dunno why yet. ._. And I though since I've had Lucian this long he must've grown or something, well now I made him look more grown-up. :3 And the text in the back is the text for "Hey there Delilah" by Plain White T's. But I change it to Hey there darling, because he doesn't know anyone called Delilah. ._____.;;
Thank you everyone! ^w^;;

Shizu: I used Photoshop Elements 7.0 and no, I didn't in this one. o__O;;
I changed his hair colour, AGAIN! :3
I felt like I hadn't drawn Lucian for
awhile.. well, here he is! ;]

.. He's been lonely for awhile.. well,
all of my characters has. ^__^;;
My old Bell. ~ Big brother to Bow. :3

BOW .. Comic #348!
This is me .. just saying Hi. :3
Sorry for the bad pic, anyways. This is Zen's new look. :3 His hair is white:ish and his jacket is .. uh .. I haven't decided yet, and his pants are white.. .x.
Hmmm .. Toshi. oxo .. X3 Sure! Why not? It fits him. :3 Okay. Now he's named Toshi. X3~
Yeah, I drew this after watching "My neighbour Totoro". X3 Isn't he cute!? I guess he's a chatroom chara. Though I haven't named him yet. o3o;; I need a cute short name. Any suggestions? o_e;;
I got my computer back! :D But now I don't have photoshop. ._.;; Just some funky program called Artrage, but it'll work until I get the Photoshop CD thingy.