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Yes! Go to the Got7 concert! It's soo much fun and everyone is very nice!
@ShadowThorn: I, would throw a riot....or just my phone lol
The bean is too precious and has come too far to be hurt.
@Eloim_Meth: Oh sorry, my icons have always been iconic JongKey photos and I can't bring myself to change them.
Good boy! You fucking good boy my heart.
My heart cannot take that second panel
Kylee you good fucking bean my baby I'm so proud of you. I fucking love this sweet emo boy
Baby Boy nooooo~!!
I would 100% buy that 3rd panel as print like pleaseeeee
Wait I've never looked at the comments and I love that you also love Got7
September 19th, 2018
I am overcome with joy that this will continue!!! I'm so happy~♡♡◇
Okay first that kiss fucked me up. Second, bitch what you mean he like a brother to you?? You kiss your brother like that?? Then casually say you two used to fuck a lot with a fucking smile on your face you fucking hoe I love you
Pretty boy is reminding me of Gavin Free and I love it. You bang that twink
I'm screaming
Oh man if Plan B is him getting on with Kylee I'm gonna scream
I love this but I also don't and I don't know how to feel~~
@midgart Oh okay~ His friend just seemed like really concerned for him so I thought only he could see him.
Other people can see him right..?
I may or may not be looking at this at work...oops~♡♡♡
That last panel oh my god I'm dying~
They’re so cute♡
His little face in the first panel~~ It’s so cute~!