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I go by Hyperjade. And I am an author. Of fanfictions and original stories alike, and there's one thing I really love, and that's a story that can grip and hold the reader without killing or destroying characters, a story that can make a happy ending that people will love to read anyways. It's always been my goal to accomplish that.

Though I do occasionally 'kill' characters. I'm okay with tugging on heartstrings, as long as I have leeway to give them a second chance in another universe, usually through my Angelica-Ex-Machina.

At any rate, visit me on to read my stories. The experience with my stories changes depending on which stories you read in what order, though it's common sense to read the first in a series. I just have multiple series and individual stories.

That's all, honestly. Just gonna cut this short before multiversal goddess of magic Angelica notices I'm here and pranks me and whoever reads it. Have fun!
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Something about that eye sparkle was just really amusing and cute.
I was so invested in the plot, the story, and the characters that I kind of forgot this was based on a nuzlock run.
Ah, there it is. The accusation I was just waiting for. You caught me off guard; I thought he was going to shove that damming evidence in the guy's face when he was rejecting them. But with some expectation subversion, it allowed this scene's emotion to feel more clear. Good job.
Argh, I so wanted to hear what Maze's point was but at the same time I wanted her to STOP TALKING. It's a trap!
It's an interesting start to a story. I sincerely hope that Giratina is among the ranks of the good guys. I always find it more interesting when Giratina is not the antagonist, and something or someone else is.

I was actually caught off guard, having seen the character with the scarf in an image comparing Nick from Quilaviper's story and this riolu and their mentors.

I do like that the way the scarf moves seems very erratic and chaotic, which I imagine Giratina, good or bad, likely would move. That's some good detail.

The art style is interesting. The cartoon style of drawing is clashing a little bit with the dialogue that is a little anime-like with the machamp exclaiming about whatever the riolu did when he did it, and the panel style. Besides this, I really have nothing to say for or against it. I don't have all too much to judge on, but I will be following it for future updates.
How to burn a fire type
Really now. It's always amusing to see such a scene, where someone's set straight by having their broken logic presented before them. I've always found it a little comical.
I'm confused. If this is at the same time (as in, meanwhile), as the comics like the page just before it, why is this Blizz a young eevee?
Is her name Maze because trying to navigate her brain is a mazelike experience?
If there's one thing I think I will never truly understand, it is how to counsel someone on the internet.

In real life, if one sees a friend or anyone else, even if they don't know them, in pain, and do NOT know how to help them, the best thing to do is usually finding a responsible person who has been depressed and has received working counseling, or someone who otherwise knows what they are doing. Whether the person accepts what you've done to try to help them or not is up to them.

But on the internet... I don't know where you could get that, and the best chance is to for one to do it themselves, try to, or refrain and allow someone in a similar position to do counsel based on experience. My biggest fear is that in the effort to provide my own counsel on the subject using my logic, that anyone who did made the problem worse.

If I made things worse, somehow, considering my... Timing, I deeply apologize. And no matter what happens, I wish the best for you in the future. Good luck, EeveeEon.
I was going to question why the shinx was acting what I thought was arrogance, but I found myself taking the time to consider all the emotional trauma this shinx has been through like yesterday in the comic's time. I can understand why he can't quite handle being told something else was going to go wrong for him like the next day.
Glad I read this a second time!
Seriously. I thought it was just pure white word bubbles the last time. I only was able to see that she was actually saying stuff through pure luck, and had to zoom in on my screen by two hundred fifty percent to get a good look at the words. It added a ton of character development to Rune that I didn't think had happened yet. Don't get me wrong, I do like the dynamic with her, and I won't make that mistake again, but it could have been SLIGHTLY clearer what she was trying to say so we didn't miss it.
Poor Rune, having an unaddressed existential crisis about how her paws can hold things for multiple comics while everyone does their own thing.
Pace yourself, and take care of yourself.

Motivation is a hard thing for me to gather up as well. I refuse to say I understand exactly what you are going through, because my lack of motivation has a lot o do with laziness and I will not pretend I know exactly what you're going through.

Regardless, it's important to keep a level head, and prioritize. If you need time away from this to sort out something else in your life, by all means. Nobody in their right mind will judge you for not updating a story when real life stays in the way.

Stay safe. I wish you luck whatever you choose to do.
Color me confused. I keep flipping between the last comic and this one. Where's the transition?

Never mind, I see the page numbers are different. That was confusing.
Let the Ridiculous Flow Through You!!!
I have to say, this is entertaining. It's raw comedy, which means there isn't much in the way of plot, and what there is feels a bit sarcastic when it's drowned in funny lines and fourth wall breaking. I still enjoy it. Well done.
This story has an excellent start to it, but the way you're managing it is practically glued to canon, with a few character species mixed up. I like the invention of a new species, I do. In fact, I really like it, and want to see how a normal version of that species moves and acts to give a contrast.

What's her face unique species main protagonist is a very interesting character. She's kind of bipolar, acting serious and philosophical at times, and at other times impulsive and funny, and easily startled. Miku is also a fun character, with a distinct personality.

The jolteon seems a bit like a reskin of loudred thus far though.

My natural bias in favor of absol really makes me want them to at least be a recurring character. I don't know if they're a cameo or not.

The way you convey shocked expressions, and the way you convey humor is probably my favorite parts of the story thus far. in the early bit, you seemed a bit rusty on dialogue writing with the zorua, and like the jolteon, their words are somewhat different but they still smell of reskinned Team Skull.

People don't generally come to view stories that are basically rewrites of canon with a twist. It's much more enticing to view a totally original story. BUT. This story has already started, and I implore you not to abandon it. The humor and storywriting for the most part is quite good, and I am interested enough by the changes made to the world that I will keep reading and I will keep enjoying it, even if I do cringe from the lack of deviation from the canon process.
I totally failed to notice it until my second time reading this page. So our flareon friend is a dragonslayer, huh?
@EeveeEon: Not to worry, my sleep schedule and my school schedule are starting to overlap on my end because of homework. I don't have any place criticizing your writing when you're doing it on the spot.
So this is an AU in which the first Mystery Dungeon games had a different outcome? That's my presumption.
I'll be honest. There's one thing about this story that confuses me. The characters are great for the most part, and I'm entertained and am willing to see more, but what's-her-face goddess in the back didn't seem very consistent. The first thing she did was act disturbingly vague, like she had her own plans once she was done using our main protagonist. I found it kind of concerning, and was ready for her to be the surprise bad guy at the end, but then after threatening to kill her for no reason, what, main character should unoquivically trust this random dream stranger for no real reason? The goddess suddenly turns kinder and more reasonable with no clear method to the madness.

Othewise, my other criticisms mainly include that I'm a little... Numb... To the dark side being the bad guys. Other than that... It's a good comic.