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And that's when Maisy began her Kill Bill style revenge epic
I love the art style in the second panel, really punctuates the faded memory
I love visiting old places. A few Christmases ago, my grandmother gave me a book called "Haunted Massachsetts" which detailed all the places nearby where ghosts supposedly hung out. I thought it would be fun to make a day out of visiting some of the locations with my older brother.

The very first location we stopped at was a cemetery said to be haunted by a man in Colonial garb who made a habit of screaming at women. Neither of us were women but the cemetery was close. As soon as we pulled in, our car got stuck. Upon inspection, the snow concealed a large stone which got jammed in the axle.

The sun began to set as we waited for a tow truck. The caretaker and his wife came by and we asked them about any ghostly sightings. They confirmed the shrieks, but not the man himself.

The sun was nearly down by the time the truck arrived to free us and I was entertaining myself by scaring my brother with false ghost sightings and "funny feelings". Our bad luck became much worse when the tow truck itself got stuck. I don't quite recall how but it was something to do with ice and leverage. Maybe ghosts had a hand in it, at least that's what I told myself and my brother to keep the spooky atmosphere going.

It was well and truly dark now and they had to call another tow truck to free the first one so we in turn could be free. It took over an hour which I filled with reports of strange sounds and shimmering lights in the woods. Eventually a giant tow truck arrived and after even more time passed (and more imaginative reports on my part) everyone was free to leave.

So my ghost road trip ended up only having one stop, but I wouldn't trade that experience away for anything. Yes the reality of it was boring and uneventful, but the lies I told myself (and my poor brother) made it the most exciting thing to ever happen.

So yeah, long story short: Maybe ghosts aren't real and maybe nothing goes bump in the night but, as any five year old can confirm, it's fun to pretend!
I found this video about people high on anesthesia:
Poe can be a master of Chaos without magic!
I always loved the way he played with his speech balloon. Is there a Bummy in this strip? Besides the obvious one on the voting page I mean.
Has it been only four hours? I assumed there was a time skip of a few months between Chaos Dragon Poe and the reboot.

Bill and Ted aren't on American Netflix :(. My hopes were so high...
Those grapes are probably sour anyway! I meant to mention it earlier but yay alt text!

Keno doodle: I can't tell if Keno is licking the frog or just sniffing it.
I'm back! Taylor seems cool. It's really cute how Maisy is in mothering mode, but I understand Poe's annoyance.

For the incentive, I can't tell if Murphy's expression is fear for the dark tunnel or appreciation for Keno.
A self absorbed, deluded asshole who isn't interested in politics because that would require considering people outside his immediate bubble. My god, Neko is TOO selfish for politics? I didn't even know that was possible!
Also what's the update schedule or NtK (if there is one)? Keno and Murphy are adorable btw.
Poe kind of reminds me of Disney's Genie here "PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER- itty bitty living space". It doesn't exactly fit, but that's the first thing that popped into my head.

I found that our male cat often takes on the role of "parent" when a new (younger) animal comes to stay. He'll bathe them and begrudgingly play. Or at least he used to, these days he's more of a grumpy old man trying to nap all day long.

So who did Keno meet? Looks like one of those rubber forehead aliens from Star Trek
"You'll get to pee on his grave!"

Man, Keno and them get around!
Yeah earlier I meant I am happy Poe wasn't completely rebooted as a character. It'll be fun to see how he handles going from having godlike powers to being a tiny helpless kitten. Do you think Poe will ever get magic back?

PS: I hope you feel better!

EDIT: I'm going to imagine the kittens were trying to hunt the bull and failed miserably.
Happy birthday! There's still 90 minutes of the day where I am so I didn't completely miss it.

I'm going to disagree with Gardner. What about discovering adventure right at home? Or is "journey" synonymous with "adventure" in this case?

Also I'm glad Poe didn't revert back to a kitten.
All caught up!
It's taken the last three or four days (at maybe three hours per day) but I finished the entire archive.

I wanted to let you know that I greatly enjoyed nearly every form this comic has taken. It started with the life of Gar and his friends, with Neko providing commentary. We then shift to Neko and his family, eventually focusing on Keno's life. And then Things Got Weird, the McJefferstein story kind of dragged on and Neko's Imagination Land came in from left field, but I really enjoyed Poe's arc. In fact I"d say Poe became my favorite character (I'm on the edge of my seat to see what happens to him now that his magic has been drained).

I feel like I'm starting to ramble. I guess that's what happens when you absorb 14(!) years of a comic in just a few days.

Anyway I love the characters and their diverse personalities. Yeah the cats are all sociopaths, but you make it work. Are we going to find out what happened to Gar in the comic? I can't remember when we last saw him. And what about Eli? We left him homeless and his car was just blown up by Chaos-drunk Poe. Sarah also seems to have fallen to the wayside and Jeff is dead (which I understand is because his real life inspiration turned into an asshole). It seems the only humans are now Alice and Ellen, and apparently Taylor.

Before I end, I want to let you know I appreciate all the work and energy you put into this silly comic. I read every post you made about your good times and rough patches. Remeber that Neko the Kitty is bringing joy to people with every update, even if the don't comment to tell you. Years ago I was a silent reader, I commented exactly once even though NtK was one of my favorite webcomics. Then my computer crashed and I lost all my bookmarks. And I'm still rambling.

So yeah. Basically I love your work, I'm all caught up, and I'm looking forward to what comes next.
That last panel is beautiful
I just realized the blimp looks like a Batcat.
Nearly there
Woo! Just another year's worth of comics to get through and I'm all caught up!
Oh no Eli! I completely forgot about him and his situation!
Is his chest hair supposed to look like the Batman symbol?