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New account, Daniel Sokolov
Go to that one you pleb.
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A thousand sorrys. One for the coice of Subtitles by our King. Clearly, Comic Sans is the Devil.
Secondly I am sorry for melting your mind. CLEARLY it is the best anime ever.... EVER.
Edit: I apologize. Image shack is a pile of Suck. Have it in three parts.
KoA doing what he does best. Complain.
There is a slight sizing error made in this comic. Other than that, I have to say, I like talking segments, it's less work (Hurr) and you get to see into their fun little brains!
Of course huge blown out action scenes with special effect are fun too.
Yes. that is totally the excuse and I'm sticking to it >.>;
I'm sure that if he did, this would be the answer anyway
He doesn't know the meaning of the word.
Currently trying to decide whether tail or no tail is the way to go. That is also my excuse for forgetting it this time around. But seriously. Tail may be no more in the future.
Also, isn't that a fine fine comment you're currently writing, aim it towards the comic now. ;D ;D ;D
Pardon about that break. Had a virus and hard to use back ups from a year ago ^^;
So now you see what KoA would sometimes wear, a black vest and bright red trousers... BURN IT BURN IT BURN IT!
Lost a lot of content due to a forced computer reboot, starting to get up and running again though
Oh hey quickly thrown together sprite!
See, I lost a year's worth of stuff due to a virus. So I had to start KoA's dragon form from scratch, it's not the best, but hey, it's something.
What can I say? I had my app pretyped waiting for applications to open >3>
Well, four people have left. I think all four quit actually, but two spots have been filled already, so two spots left is accurate.
I suppose that's the world's quietest beam of death, not one sound effect. Oooooo!
Boop. Yes. I will try keep this updating from now on! Go me!
Edit: Just fixed the year long typo in my Author comment title... I'm not fixing that typo in the last panel there though.
Enjoy the spot guys. I'll be back. MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAA
Peripheral vision Breaker, get some!
No green screen can handle the special effect foot!