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I'm just a hockey player that's getting into web comics.
Salut, mes amis!
After a two week trip to France that ended last Monday, I'm back. Simply put, Europe kicks ass compared to the US. The food is better, the people are generally nicer (although it gets annoying when you ask them something in French and they respond in perfect English; also the waiters can be dicks sometimes) and there is a lot more to see. If you ever get a chance to go there, take it. Just don't go through the airport in Amsterdam. Seriously, it's confusing as hell and nothing there makes any fucking sense.

Anyway, with that out of the way, I can get back to updating again. Since it's summer, I might even try making two or three issues a week if I can motivate myself to do it. 'til the next update, see ya.
Hmmm. Sonic characters posing as Marvel super heroes. I like it. Needs more Deadpool, though.
Based off some criticism I got from MG, I've decided to abandon my current text boxes and go with something more simple. Basically, they were too stylish and therefore intrusive to the rest of the comic. Now that I look at, I can see what the person who told me this was saying. With that said, I've edited this comic to fit with something more simple and I'll keep using this for the rest of the comic.
Sorry for the delay
[Commence giant wall of text]

School has been kicking my ass for the last couple of weeks, what with final projects and all, so I haven't been able to update lately. Now that school is out though, I can finally concentrate on updating. However, this will be the last update for a little while. I'm leaving for a two week trip to France starting on Tuesday. As much as I like comic making, I can't pass up what will most likely be a once-in-a-life time opportunity for me. Once I get back though, I'll be back to making comics. hell, I might even go for twice a week.

As far as the comic goes, I've finally gotten to the main plot for this arc. I would have liked to have used something other than unedited sprites for gangsters, but the lack of cameos limits what I can do as far as this is concerned. I'll try making some basic edits so I have a little more to work with, but don't expect anything particularly special. As you can also probably see, I've changed the text boxes AGAIN, this time with tails added and I changed the layout from basic panels to a sort of free panel type of thing so I could make them work without the spacial issues. I'm going to experiment with this more and try to cut down on the amount of black space that is so abundant in this issue, but otherwise I think I got my look. If anyone has any problems with it, than tell me now rather than later so I don't have to keep changing things so damn often. I feel like I change the look of my comic more than Dark the Ninja used to change the look of his sprites (not meant as an insult to Dark; he's good enough spriter and I have no ill will towards him).

That's all for now. "til next time, see you later.
[end giant wall of text.]
Quick Request
I would like to put out a request for cameo positions. The first arc will take place mostly on city streets and I want as many characters as I can get so I don't have to resort to recolors as I did in the first two issues. If you have character, PM their sprites to me. As long as they aren't made from a top perspective (i.e. Pokemon sprites), I'll accept anything.
There is a severe lack of contrast in the pants. Also, the limbs look overextended on the punch and the kicks.
Now that you mention it, I can see what you mean about the heads. However, I'm not going to bring back the tails unless there is no other option. They took up way too much room and brought up a lot of placement issues that I'm tired of fighting with. I'll try find a better way of identifying which boxes belong to which character than the heads, but I want to avoid tails if I can help it from now on.
In response to a little bit of criticism I got from SeveX, I decided to do some experimenting on a more clean style of bubble. Overall, I think it was a success. The bubbles and font used in this issue will be the ones I'm going with stick with from now on.

Now for a small shout out to Blaze2Fire. I made a few more sprites of your character so I would have a bit more to work with, so if you want them, PM me.

That's all I got for now. Criticism and people for cameos are still wanted.
I didn't exactly have a lot to work with as far as idles were concerned. JUS and SA/B sprites by themselves are shit for regular idle stances unless you want to make some yourself. Since these guys are only here for the beginning, I didn't think it would be worth the effort to do little more than recolor them.

Thanks for the criticism though. I'll try for some more narrow panels and clean up the speech bubbles for the next issue, or at least try to figure out what the hell I did to make the speech bubbles in the introduction.
Not too bad of a start. I look forward to seeing how this turns out.
Well, that certainly explains a lot. The wait was killer, but the end result was well worth it.

By the way, did you ever get that PM I sent you?
Thank you for the link. I'll get to editing the profile page soon to fix that.
No offense, but you really need to lay off the guest comics and just get on the plot. I haven't seen a real update since #99 or anything at all from you since the screenshots to a flash that never came to be. It's a shame too since this started out as one of the better pokemon comics on SJ.
STU: I never got a response from you, neither from here or at MG. As I said in the Author Comments though, I have two slots that didn't get filled. Since you replied now, Nephina is back in. I'll just have her replace Rave.

GIULIO: Yeah, I know. I plan on working on profile page over the week end.
The wait is over...
Sorry for the delay. I didn't have as much time as I thought I did to get this done, but at least it's up now, right?

I'll have a new banner up later today and with luck another comic up over the weekend. I'll try for a twice a week update, although I can really only guarantee a Wednesday or Thursday update. I still don't have a real villain for the first arc yet, but I have an idea of who I want, so I will most likely send out the PM for them today.

Also, if anyone is interested, here is the new roster for the Dawn Sky:
~Orca/Slapshot (my character)
~Malisa (Roy of Gradius)
~David (Blaze2Fire)
~Kanos (G.I.U.L.I.O.)
~DO (stands for DarkOverord)
~Rai (Rai)
~Nephina (Shadow the Unborn)

I still have one pending request to Shard for use one of her characters, but in the event she doesn't respond, that will likely just be an unopen spot that I won't fill until the first support arc.

That's all for now. Until the next update, see ya.
Actually, I have a role in the first action arc that I was going to ask if I could use your character for. Consider yourself accepted as a cameo.
Cool. I still have the original sheet, so if you want it I can PM it to you.
Yeah. I didn't like where this was going, so I decided to restart. I'm going to start looking around SJ and the MG for villains (I need three more for the four arcs I have planned so far) and possible replacements for some of the DS members. I have a few ideas on what I want for replacements, but nothing concrete yet. Don't bother asking for anything more than a cameo though. If I think you're good enough for a main role, I'll come to you. Bugging me will only hurt your chances, no matter how good your sprites are.


EDIT: Oh yeah. As of the last update the current characters with DS spots were the following:
~1. Malisa (Roy) Confirmed for return
~2. David (Blaze 2 Fire) Confirmed
~3. Hunter (Hunter)
~4. Nephina (Saint U)
~5. Neox (Neox) - to be replaced by Rai
~6. Skippy (Skippy)
~7. Rave (Rave)
If you still want your character to be in, I'll give you until Monday night to reply. After that, I'm going for my replacements.
I love how Barney and P. Bear just pick up Riku and carry him to their mat with the bag. That was priceless.
April 5th, 2009
Well shit. I was way off on my prediction.

Break out the tear gas. The riot is about to begin.