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I draw stuff.
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    Aleks Stock
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Hey guys - I let my patrons know this last week, but as a heads up from now on I’m just gonna be updating whenever I’ve got time. Life’s finally caught up to me and I really do have to focus on my studies/commissions since I’m kinda really sick of living by the skin of my teeth. :’D

I’ll still try to update every Saturday if I can, but I don’t think I can TDC the priority I used to anymore. :’D Just know I have no intentions of stopping!! I'm just be slow ;A;

If I update in the week, Patroen'll get priority - so if you're interested in that, head on over to otherwise if you wanna support me in general, my normal art patreon is - just beware, there's lots of voltron and a lil bit of bnha (i'm currently doing my art request/etc polls for sept) :D
RE: Poofter
@bluestar greenmoon: Poof/Poofter is a british homophobic insult. :'D