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Dragons & Nutella. Currently drawing Always There.

Check for mini comics, concept art and extra content :)
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@Purple lizard boy: they have the same eyes x3 she was a very pretty girl before she got married
@Purple lizard boy: they have the same eyes x3 she was a very pretty girl before she got married
@IronDog: let's hope he finds his voice.
@Makaykay23: Omg the knife emoji xD
@deee45: repeat the mantra: "He's a pretty big guy"
@Travelingpooch: he I hope so! xD He takes a lot after his mom, but his bone structure/physique is meant to resemble his father's. That's the plan at least x) she'll look more like herself in the next couple of pages.
@ZSoj: I'll try to make a double update next week, I hate to leave you hanguin' so much at this point of the story >.<
He looks so much more of a jerk without the beard.
Oh man. We're gonna have a raging overdose of rainbows and happy sugary shit next chapter I promise.

Have a great weekend people, see ya next Monday!

PS: PS: The thumbnail of the next page is up in Patreon for Promise Locket patrons and the preliminary sketches for T-Rex Charm patrons. Thanks for your support :3
Hi guys! New comic at last:
• Smackjeeves:
• Tapas:
Spanish version:
There's a long post coming but I know you'll read because you're all so gorgeous an lovable.

Chancegivers is a project I started working on around ten years ago and I'm really happy to publish it at last!

Even though we're still in the same universe as Always There, it's quite different as we'll deal with the great conflict of each person's purpose in life and how that affects this world and other worlds, from the eyes of an awkward, anime-loving depressed artist and a socially inept, gender fluid gal who are stuck together to work out shit they can't even grasp.

Now on to the ugly part... working a full-time job and updating two full-color comics twice a week would imply my neuronal death, so in order to keep up with both projects I'll update Chancegivers randomly, as soon as every page is ready.

My long term goal is to keep the usual update schedule for AT and squeeze a weekly Monday update for Chancegivers, but I don't want to write checks that my brain can't cash.

Also! Chancegivers will be published in Spanish as well, so those of you who'd rather read it en español can do it here:
Disclaimer: Argentine Spanish. I can't stay away from my mother tongue's colorful curse lexicum.

And finally! (almost done, I promise). Always There and Chancegivers will always be free to read both in SJ and Tapas, but if you want to support the artist and get some extra stuff in the process, check our Patreon:
I'm still working on some interesting rewards, but for now you get early access to thumbnails, high res versions of the updates, wallpapers, personalized art and other stuff.

That's it! I hope you guys grow to love Gabe and Matt. As usual thank you for all your feedback, comments, likes, tips, and overall every display of digital affection that make my heart and my tablet burst with joy.

See you all next Friday!


• tl;dr version •
- New comic: Chancegivers
- Update schedule: random Mondays, as soon as the pages are done
- Smackjeeves:
- Tapas:
- Spanish Tapas:
- Patreon:
- I love you.
Oh yeah. There's always a bonding agreement between two capable parties. Kinda. Sorta.
So it begins! This is a fantasy dramatic comedy set in the same universe as Always There -but hey, these people walk between worlds! Follow the misadventures of Gabrielle, a hyperactive, genderfluid Chancegiver (wth is that? you'll see...) and her protegé, the very depressed, very freaked-out Mathias, as they try to save their asses while figuring out what is the real impact they have in the big picture of the universe. Also, the Grim Reaper. Who is a cutie.

I'm in the middle of a personal turmoil, so the update schedule is as soon as pages are ready :) Hope you like it!
Hang in there Gabe! I always thought that a colorful tornado would be a thousand times scarier than absolute darkness...
Who are you and why do I feel all warm and fuzzy inside looking at half your face?
Here we go!
@Aujash: Hi there! This whole chapter happened two years in the past.

In the main storyline, Eli is 24 and Nate is 21, and the last we saw of it was at the end of Chapter 3.

The events of the Christmas chapter we're seeing now happened two years before the main storyline, which means that Eli was 22 and Nate 19.

Let me know if that's clear :)
@Gingerdesu: awesome comment! This is exactly what's going on from her side. If I were her, I would have dumped Nate's ass long ago, but she's been crushing on him since day one and just can't let go. Can't wait to have her appear again, she's actually a cool person.
Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. We're getting there >_< You go Nate!
Again, thank you all for your comments! They touch mi heart every time :) I'll answer them as soon as possible. My landlords forgot to tell me they were selling my place so I kinda have 20 days to pack up and relocate. Good times.
So, have a great week people, see you on Friday!

PS: The thumbnail for the next page is up in Patreon for Promise Locket patrons and the preliminary sketches for T-Rex Charm patrons. Thanks for your support :3
Nate is honestly seeing this whole business differently for the first time in his life. I hope he can handle it T.T
I want to thank you all for your amazing comments, so many people opened up and shared their personal experiences and opinions. I know that's not easy and that it takes courage to talk about certain things. I want you to know I sincerely appreciate every comment (whether they are complex or smiling emojis :3). Also, Lex is purring like an overfed cat napping under the sun with all the love he got from you. He's never been prouder of teaching a highschooler how to choke people.

So, make sure to have a terrific weekend, see you all next Monday!

PS: The thumbnail for the next page is up in Patreon for Promise Locket patrons and the preliminary sketches for T-Rex Charm patrons. Sorry I haven't been posting so often, I'm finishing the first pages of Chancegivers. I'll spam you with extra content again soon :D
@JazminLucyBL: you don't buy them... they find *you*. And then bust your balls for all eternity
@Purple lizard boy: they have a very brotherly relationship.