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Yeah, it's the same Court. He's hanging out with much better people now though.

Thanks for reading and commenting! See you guys next Monday, have an awesome weekend :)
August 16th, 2017
@slaybay: Glad to hear that :)
It's easy to be friends with someone when they are at their best. The real question is what's the right course of action when someone you care about is in a bad place and drags you along with them.

Thanks for reading and commenting people! Have a great week, see ya on Friday :)
@slaybay: yup, BL. Also friendship, emotional abuse, the process of coming out, bullying, diverse family dynamics, dealing with mental illnesses and stuff. There's so much more to explore than just the obvious topic. I hope you give it a chance, if it's not your thing thanks for stopping by anyway!
@Hangonasec: You know what they say, when you hit rock bottom all you've got left is going up :)
August 12th, 2017
God I hope the prologue was about this specific situation and that things don't get even worse...
And that is how Nathan slightly frowned at Eli for the first time in eight years *dramatic gasp*

Thank you guys for all your comments, I love reading and answering them :)

Have the greatest of weekends, see you on Monday!
@Hangonasec: worst part is, she's not even sure of what's going on. She just feels that something's off.
@Hangonasec: she is not generally liked but man is she patient with his crap.
@Hangonasec: oh, it's even cheesier than that. You'll see x)
@Hangonasec: this is like the third comment of yours I answer and you always notice the little things! That makes me so giddy inside x)
@Hangonasec: he loves game night! it means pizza and Nathan.
@Hangonasec: Goodness she's killing me! The art changed way too much from her first appearance so I had to redesign her, and no matter how much I redraw her she ends up reflecting her current mood. Maybe it's because this is being narrated from Nathan's point of view. Maybe I'm rambling. Sorry :P
@Krondor2000: I want to draw lovey-dovey stuff, this is brutal x)
@Hangonasec: his ego was soaring back then...
@The White Writter: Eli creció realmente rápido, pero se detuvo a los 13 años...
@ninfragile19: badass 15-year-old is badass
@Nixnight: I agree, you should never hurt others for the sake of a good comeback. But well, he's about to hit his lowest.
@boiseboo: Mike's never gonna hear the end of it.