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I draw webcomics and other very random stuff ? Currently working on Always There, Chancegivers and randomly, InBIsible (Tapas only).

Check for mini comics, concept art and extra content :)
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You go girl, forcing the plot forward like a boss.
I'm kinda therapy-working on a written prequel for Chancegivers that covers the endless love story between Ankou and Gabrielle throughout the five hundred years they've known each other before the events shown in the actual comic start. I'll probably publish it as a Tapas Novel soonish, so if you enjoy prequels and reading, stay tuned :)

Also, Always There got Spotlit in Smack Jeeves and reached +6k readers in Webtoons, so a big thank you, a hug and a kiss to all our readers in different platforms and our loyal patrons for being always there :D this is a small story that I never hoped would catch the interest of anyone, so all the love blows me away every day.

Thank you for reading, commenting, debating, liking, inking and being awesome. See ya next week!

PS: Amanda has become one with the fandom and is asking all the uncomfortable questions Nate has managed to avoid until now. Check the Sketch/Thumbnail for next update on Patron. Thanks for your support!
Plot twist: the girlfriend was a shipper all along :O
Nah not really x) but she's cool. It was hard not to spoil that for two years :D

Thank you for reading, commenting, debating, inking, liking and being awesome, see ya next week!

PS: Next update's sketch and thumbnail are up on Patreon, thanks for your support! (more now than ever, I need to buy another tablet. I have thoroughly murdered mine)
In my honest opinion and unfortunate experiences, if the cellphone's not yours... leave it alone.
How will she react? *dramatic gasp*

Thank you for reading, commenting, liking, inking and debating! See ya next week!

PS: To love Amanda or to hate Amanda, that's the question, patrons. Check next update's sketch and thumbnail on Patreon! Thanks for your support :)
Amanda is back! Nate is still lost within the conflicted corners of his own world though.

PS: Next update's sketch and thumbnail are up on Patreon, thanks for your support!

Thank you for reading, commenting, liking, inking and being awesome! See ya next week :)
We're off to a promising start, uh? x)
And we're back! Thanks for being so lovingly patient :) See ya next Monday!

PS: Next update's sketch and thumbnail are up on Patreon. Thanks for your support!
Prologue+Cover to ease the wait! I can't believe we're finally here x_x Buckle up!!
• Both AT and Biased we'll be back soon, probably in one or two weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding and a big hug to those who kept me company while I work on the comic via IG live stream, I love talking with you guys :)

Happy Pride Month and see ya soon!
A lil' something to ease the hiatus :D See ya soon!
@HAZHACZ: that's weird :O check this link:

Or tell me your username and I'll add you.
And so... shit hit the fan.
• tl;dr version: Always There+Biased on break until June!

• I'm a Veeeeery Patient Reader version:
Hey guys! As you may know I'm mourning the loss of someone and consistently working overtime 'cause I have to move out of my place in two weeks. I'm gonna focus on getting through all that and also building up a decent buffer for Chapter 5. It's gonna be the messiest, most important chapter so far and I want to do the best I can with it.
Always There and Biased will be back on the first or second week of June, so stay tuned! I'll post the second part of the QA soonish, so if you have new questions leave them in the comments section :)

Thank your for your patience and support, see ya soon!

PS1: I'll post the cover for next chapter, sketches and more in Patreon and IG throughout the month.
PS2: For time saving purposes I've decided to post all my comic/art-related stuff on one single IG account (AT, Biased, Chancegivers, InBIsible and the side Omegaverse comic), so check @sevewebcomics for new content!
PS3: If you read this far, you deserve some good ol' spoilery shit! Run away now if ya don' t want it :D What to expect next chapter:
- The entire cast will make an appearance in some way. Check the backgrounds, there's gonna be a tsunami of Easter Eggs.

- Uncle Josh (should we keep calling him Uncle? xD) trying on his wedding tux. He's a yummy 44-year-old, what can I say.

- Nate being an asshole. Eli being an asshole. Seriously guys you make people want to punch you

- Lewd stuff.

- Lex and Lizzy. Lizzy and Lex. Damn I'm dying to give these two some attention! And as you might already know if you noticed certain sketches I've posted here and there, Lizzy and Gabrielle.

- Minor thing, but Lex and Dean. Yeah, they know each other and that's the link between Lex and Biased. Bear with me, I love my bastard spinoff.

- Another big reveal about Robert. Some of you (too many of you) have already guessed it.

- Rain.

Now for real, see ya soon! x) Fuck I'm chatty. My apologies.
@vgonsalez: it's bittersweet, he always craved his father's love and approval and in a way he's always had that but at the same time he didn't. I'm a bad person x_x
@TrickSTAR: She's gonna be fine, she's a strong gal! Worry not, I myself don't really know how the comments section works and I've been around for two years x_x
@TrickSTAR: It's far from finished! we're just about halfway actually :D so welcome!
And no, Alec's gay I'm afraid, but I love him and I love Amanda so I want them to be happy, I'll figure something out! x_x
May 10th, 2019
Such a sweetheart.

I'm taking a break till June to sort some personal stuff out and build a buffer for my main comic, so Biased may enter a semi-random update schedule.
See ya next week! Thanks for reading :)
@marti_ineedlife: a whole lotta things are gonna happen in Chapter 5 :) soon!
@sstogner1: you got one of those very right, a critical one actually! :O I can't say more without being way too spoilery agh
@Sleeepy: it is sad. If things had gone a bit differently, Nate would have had a normal childhood...
@toastedmarshmallow: awwww yes, they are! I can't wait for them to find out
@deee45: aw thank you, I was worried it would come out like a way too random plot twist x)
Yes, Adela is his mom.
@Chess Pargeter: It was hinted, Robert has been calling Nate a bastard since Chapter 1 :D
Nate and Lex are half siblings (which melts my heart a little x3).
Nate is indeed Josh and Adela's kid, and the reason she and Robert raised him and kept the truth from everyone is related to a certain thing Robert has been attempting to do. You'll see more of it in the next two chapters.
Yeah, Robert meant that literally. Nathan IS indeed Joshua's son.

Kudos to all of you sharp people who guessed it on the way! I know you probably have a ton of questions, I'll do my best to answer without being too spoilery. What I can say for now is that only Robert and Adela know, the rest of the cast (including Josh himself, Evan and Lex) have no idea about this.

Thank you for reading, commenting, liking, inking, debating and being the best, most supportive readers ever. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement, they mean the world to me. See ya next week!

PS: Next update's Sketch and Thumbnail will be up on Patreon tomorrow. Thanks for your support!