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Dragons & Nutella. Currently drawing Always There.

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They are a bit at a loss to know how to handle a rough patch
I've been part of the club too since birth x)
Aw that's generous x3
Finally some smiles, dammit! Let the softness begin. Nate uses Blunt Honesty. It's super effective!


I won't say much, only that I'm hyped about this last part of Chapter 3. I'll do my best to update thrice a week 'cause I wanna see what happens too x) thank you for reading and commenting guys, see you all soon!
@Niya24: noooo not the whales T_T
@Zoodie: aw I love virtual hugs! I'm glad you like Inktober so far xD I'm running out of ideas though
@LemPem: yaaaay! (I bailed out of a dinner party to be honest xP)
@NinjaCookie007: I'm glad you like them, they sure do like themselves :P
@Ralend: he did try but Nate's puppy eyes are super effective x)
@SaasantheSassy: he's always been pretty weak when it comes to Nathan I'm afraid.
@CutieSchoolBoy: OMG no I want to send virtual tissues to y'all >_<
@sstogner1: They're in for a wild ride, they better face it holding hands rite?
October 19th, 2017
Lesson learned, it seems. Now what?


Yay, double update! We're getting there. Things will be less angsty soon enough...
It's the final leap of Inktober and I'm having fun exploring the fact that the guys can't hold their liquor:

Thank you for reading and commenting (I *swear* I'll answer all comments soon), see you guys next Monday! Have a great weekend.
October 19th, 2017
Welcome to the Ugly Crier Club...
October 17th, 2017
I guess it's not that easy to fool a person with whom you've spent every single day for the past eight years. Or is it?


Thank you for your comments guys, I know I'm really behind but I'll answer them all. Some of them were too insightful to answer without being spoilery (you people really get these two dorks).
Unrelated, Inktober'll be about Eli today:
See you guys on Friday! Thanks for reading and being around :)
I hate loving him/I love hating him at the same time. This comic is amazing.
Wow he's pissed. It's not like he got sick on purpose, dude...
October 15th, 2017

Come on Eli, you can do it. It'll be over soon.


We're so close to the end of Chapter 3! I'll do my best to upload on Wednesdays too as often as possible, we'll see how that goes. Inktober's still on, so ☺See you guys on Friday (hopefully sooner)! Thank you for reading and commenting!
October 14th, 2017
Two minutes are like two hours in terms of watching people sleep x)
Congrats on the new apartment! It's a crazy and stressful step to take but so worth it once you're settled. I wish you the best for this new stage in your life.

I've been a silent reader so far but damn, Raphael's so cool! Amazing character design.

Good luck! Can't wait for more :)