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I draw webcomics and other very random stuff ? Currently working on Always There, Chancegivers and randomly, InBIsible (Tapas only).

Check for mini comics, concept art and extra content :)
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Remember the guys from Chapter 3.26? :3
Useless trivia: At 6,4 ft Dean is officially the tallest character in the AT universe. Alejo is not pleased.
Thank you for reading, liking, tipping, commenting and being lovely as always. See ya next week!

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August 11th, 2018
@Onyxlight: Aw thank you, that's so sweet! The art gets better in time, the interactions are pretty much the same because they are everlasting dorks. x)
Luckily Matt was too busy with his neuronal meltdown to actually listen to a word Gabe was saying.
Back on track! I'm working on a more regular update schedule for this one. I'll post the sketches in Patreon for all tiers. Thanks for your support, reading, commenting and being awesome! And patient. Very, very patient.

See ya soon :)
Vampire/werewolf feud? o.O
Go Barons!
• Always There OST (sorta) • 7HSkYr?si=IBtK7ezSRJWC4lN6KgasBA

I thought it might be fun to share the ever-growing playlist I use to work on the comic. Every single song is related to some situation in the story (even those that are pure ass-shaking material).

Thank you for reading, tipping, liking, commenting and getting up everyday to fight the world even though it sucks :)
See ya next Monday!

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@NinjaCookie007: GO GET HIM DAMMIT
@deee45: exactly, his only obstacles right now are his father and himself. Let's root for him T.T
@sstogner1: hell yeah!
@Arcane Allusion: let us all ride the aforementioned shitstorm together!
@moscovm: he was lucky here. He has messed up real bad giving crappy advice in the past :P
@sstogner1: that question would have been accurate as well x)
@Jeanettert: cry on my shoulder and EAT
@deee45: they are an odd couple, Evan is the most down-to-Earth person in the world and Josh is, well... Josh x) but they make it work all right.
@Nixnight: and cake. Let's not forget cake. Chocolate cake. With chocolate chips. And orange icing.
@Arcane Allusion: and act he will!
@CutieSchoolBoy: he's a bit of a mess but his heart is always in the right place.
Josh managed to divert at least three panic attacks and get Nate (and the plot) moving, all in less than two hours. We are proud of you, man.
Below a bit of Evan, plus tiny Lex and his parents when they were young and in love and totally unprepared for a surprise pregnancy.

See ya next week people, thank you for reading, tipping and commenting!

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July 26th, 2018
It just kills me how Norrland had to fold her apron to wear it x3
My Turning-Point-Sense is tingling...
Change is in the air, can you feel it? ...You can't? Have faith, people! In the meantime, thank you for reading, liking, tipping and leaving the wonderful comments I always delight in. See ya next Monday!

PS: Ride the shitstorm, patrons. The sketch and thumbnail for next page are up and ready in Patreon. Thanks for your support!
• This is the page you show your friends when they ask you what the hell is that thing you're reading
• Spot the redraw❤
• You'll notice a slight format change in the text. For the sake of readability, I've created a font with my handwriting. You'll get used to it soon, I promise :)

Thank you for reading and commenting, see ya next Monday!

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