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Hi guys! Just a quick doodle/sketch/random art compilation as way of saying thank you for being so amazingly supportive :) I'm overwhelmed with your awesomeness. Many of you have probably already seen some of these in Patreon or Instagram, so sorry for the visual spam x3 I love you guys, see ya on Monday!
And he even used the correct pronoun, what a cool surprise, Mr. Dad x3
May 22nd, 2018
The art is so beautiful. It seems there are several stories going on simultaneously, I wonder what's gonna be the thing that ties them all together. Can't wait for the next update, keep up the good work!
@tksocrazy: Not at all! All feedback is welcome, I'll never get offended unless there are ill feelings behind the comment, and maybe not even then. You know, it's easy to make your characters perfect, the real challenge is to make them flawed and human in a realistic way (which is something I'm always worried about) and well-thought, meaningful comments like yours are great to read. Thank you and your brother for being part of this story!
@tksocrazy: I really liked your comment, I've always said that despite how romantic or cute things get, their relationship is far from healthy at this point in the story. None or them are letting the other move on nor have the slightest intention of letting go themselves and they cope with the situation quite poorly. Nathan gives up without even trying but willingly and actively third wheels Eli's relationships, and Eli, well, rushes into those relationships in the first place and then allows Nathan to butt in constantly.
They are both deeply insecure and scared and they react differently according to their personalities. But! You can't carry on like that forever. Things are about to change. I hope you stick around for that :)
@Aujash: Ask Dana! he's make a magnificent Oprah. A bit more snarky though.
@Purple lizard boy: Nirvana eyes x3
@ThatOneGuyKai: I love YOU so much.
@Derpy-Giraffe: worry not, he's a proficient sailor.
@Nixnight: dude's good at subtly breaking things...
@JazminLucyBL: aye aye captain!
@Xaryna: creepy and all that's his Nirvana look x)
This one comes with a song!
Dana, stop breaking Eli. He's a poor unfortunate soul a bit too eager to consider the possibilities he's been so stubbornly denying until now.

Thank you for reading this mess of a story, taking the time to leave the awesome comments that brighten up my dark heart, liking, tipping, debating and *hopefully* eating chocolate in the process, because we all should eat chocolate on a daily basis.
Have a cool week, see ya on Friday!

PS: Patrons can knock on a certain law firm's door with the sketch and thumbnail for next page. Thanks for your support!
Man the art is improving so much it's crazy! Keep up the awesome work! I hope he opens up and allows himself to get the support he needs.
@JazminLucyBL: Nate and Dana were classmates in highschool but never actually became friends. Matthew, Dana's older brother, was Nate's basketball team's captain in school and he's still their team's captain in college. Nate, Matt, Curt and Dean got sports scholarships so they still play together. Both Matt and Dean appear briefly in Chapter 3, Mathias is a entirely different dork (but still connected to the AT cast somehow :O). Lol I just love rambling about the character's backgrounds, thanks for the opportunity :D
May 18th, 2018
I love how candid they are, Mal is something else x3
@CutieSchoolBoy: he does? x3 I'm glad you think so. I did that panel after a particularly shitty day and shading each curl was therapeutic :P
@JazminLucyBL: of course not! That's inconceivable.
@moscovm: in his defense, despite having shared most classes in highschool, Dana and Nate are not friends. He only gets Eli's side of the story, and Eli has not been exactly honest about the whole Nathan situation until now.