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Haltworker #6-3-6
Official HWC Scout, stationed in Pop Star.

Current Objectives:
- Guard HPS.
- Observe accounts of one local being of interest.
- Identify source of dark matter energy.
I must confess, I was following this comic in the hopes that I would obtain foreknowledge of this encounter. But the timing was such that, clearly, that did not work as well as I hoped. Which also means my actions from this point forward are not guaranteed by this comic, unless it takes Kirby the next several weeks to resolve this journey.

...Although... I must admit, "work-halter" was a very good pun.
...Oh dear. This is cutting things much closer than I expected. The transmitter's set to activate in just under a week...
...Was it ever confirmed in-comic that characters can respawn in circumstances other than being inhaled by Kirby?
Those two Louds almost look like a single two-faced being, aside from the last panel. That would be an interesting design, wouldn't it?
@BestBuilder101: Haltmann Works has spread across a full galaxy thus far, and we have operatives in several others, such as myself.

I am stationed on Pop Star - however, I am not at liberty to reveal anything more specific than that.
...Isn't it supposed to be Iceberg?
I did not realize that you were updating again until I checked just now out of curiosity.

Perfect timing, I suppose.
@CapedLuigisYoshi: That pun would work better if they were actually referred to as vases in the comic.