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I want to say Colette is a trans-girl.

but the Whole thing with Rain transitioning is the whole reason why Rudy broke up with her.

So, my take on this is that Colette may be a closeted Trans-BOY.

I could totally see Colette becoming Cole, and it would definitely explain why they were hoping Rudy was trans.

First prologue page, Aiken says "I want to be a lawyer, like dad"

I saw the wiki page on him, looked at the first prologue and thought "Oh shit, the school could hire an asshole like that. Anti-LGBT school, Anti-LGBT douchebag, defending that school seems like the perfect job for him"

You're kidding, who the hell taught her how to diagnose patients? WebMD?
*sliiiides in the pina colada song*


She got caught in the rain! You can't not think of this song as the perfect fit for this type of scenario, she's even escaping for fucks sake XD!!!
Oooooh no. I just realized a disturbing possibility.


It's very possible that we may see Marcus....Same Marcus that abused his family emotionally and physically. Rain's total scumbag father and evil incarnate that rivals the likes of Father Quenton.....THAAAAT Marcus.

He's a lawyer according to the dirt i dug up on him.

I bring this up because Chanel's parents are filing a lawsuit against the school. Naturally, the school will want to hire lawyers to defend them against such lawsuits.

Marcus seems like the kind of anti-lgbt scumbag who'd sign up for that.

Which is really bad because he doesn't know about Rain. Only about a "Son named Ryan".

If he finds out about a "daughter named Rain" He'll most likely out her.

And Another thing about Marcus I want to bring to the table.........I think he abandoned his family for another woman.

My only source for that is that back during a page where Vincent was having that flashback to his talk with Kellen, when he brought up how she might not inherently be transphobic and that she might be the way she is because her father abandoned them. But Kellen disproved it because nobody cried for him.

I think he was partially right on the money.

Kellen treats Rain's trans identity as "Rain taking her baby brother away" and Jessica as "Taking Aiken away"

What if the criteria for such irrational unacceptance is, instead of "women who take male family members away", it is "Women who take family members away?" Change the criteria a wee bit, everything changes.

What if, instead of her missing her father, she blames the other woman that Marcus was seeing on the side for her mother's death. One might connect their grief towards their mother's death and the anger they feel for their father abandoning the family, to the woman that the father left the mother for.

Marcus already abandoned his family at a crucial point along with physically and emotionally abusing his family. Soooo the idea that he was seeing another woman on the side and left them altogether when it became clear she wasn't gonna make it doesn't sound like that big of a stretch to me.
@Guest: I actually didn't know it wasn't his final year!

Hoooooly shit!

Wondering if the reason he's desperate is because he wants to prove himself to not be gay to his family.

Also, Maria's girlfriend's name is Chanel.
Is it just me or does Todd seem to be trying....WAY too hard to seem masculine?

Asking out every girl in school?
Being an overall prick to any girl who says no?
Acting like a violent and homophobic asshole to the gay kid?

It's like this guy is TRYING to make everyone think he's an overly masculine asshole.....Which he is doing an exceedingly good job of.

Call me crazy but I think Todd may be in the closet. I mean, I only have overly trying to seem masculine to prove it so i'm not 100% sure on this.

Anyone think this is a bit of a stretch?
I'm just hoping this becomes ammo for the lawsuit Chanel's parents are filing against that school.


OK, pretty whacky theory....And It's probably not gonna get noticed right now unless someone just decided to binge read and read the comments. In which case, I'll just have to remember post when the latest update when or if it ever gets to a certain point where we find Kellen and vincent talking about the father.

What if Vincent had the right idea but had to think more outside the box?

Like instead of her not liking "women who take her male relatives away from her" (Rain taking "Ryan" away from her, Jessica taking Aiken away from her, etc.) I wonder if her criteria of people not to like is "Women who could potentially take loved ones away from her"

Expand the search and everything changes. Now I seriously doubt a woman up and killed her mom when it was an illness that did it, which leads me to assume the father left the family for another woman. Either Kellen or the rest of the Flaherty kids found out, and Kellen is unconciously letting that make her hate women like Jessica who might take her brother away from her.

Kellen couldn't have found out til much later after Fara was Vincent when he was still "Vivian", because she never brought up any dislike towards him. I think even if she knows Fara and Vincent are dating, she still wouldn't hate him for it. Because Fara was already dating "Vivian" when Kellen was still a child, so the idea that Fara is dating Vincent now might not surprise her. I don't even think she'd care.

So, I'm putting my money on the father leaving the family for another woman. He already up and left when his wife needed him most. Whose to say that monster wasn't already hitting up dating sites the moment he found out she had a fatal disease?

In my defense, Maria literally called Todd a little shit last chapter.
Pete is soooooo fired.

I could imagine Quenton reaming his ass right now.

.....Are you talking about Bakugo from My Hero Academia?
This is going to be an awkward meeting in the office, isn't it?
@Minim: Glad I could amuse you with "The Roast Of Todd Fucking Bittner"
Sarcasm Overload OR (What we've all wanted to say to Todd at this point)
*slow clap*

That's it Todd.

Beat up the gay kid who cannot possibly fight back against you because.....

A. You're bigger than him

B. most of the school staff are pretty much useless because they're bigots who won't do anything about it...

C. you are only picking NOW to do it because the one person stopping you got wrongly expelled for a fight YOU started because masculinity topdog supreme just HAAAAS to get a date for the dance and it's unthinkable that many people would say no to masculinity topdog supreme when he's been gracious enough to offer them the chance to dance with masculinity topdog supreme himself. Who could resist the irresistable charm of Masculinity Topdog Supreme's famous pickup line "Hey, bitch, go to the dance with me?"

That tooooootally doesn't makes you a dirty little scumbag piece of shit coward or anything.

*sarcastic thumbs up*

Have I mentioned how masculine you are beating up someone who can't fight back. Because That'll toooootally make the girls who said no regret their decision and want to date you.
Where's Arthur when you need him?
I third that also.
Damn. Emily pulled a fast one.

Norman and that stupid school are probably going to be looking through all of Maria's friends.

That's a natural course of action. Question the missing person's friends.

They wouldn't to look for her at the house someone who hasn't known Maria all that well.

Especially if he's already graduated.
Bud, you just sicked 2 of your friends against him, before going at him yourself.

How has she not dumped this loser yet?
Fuck Mark......AND his broken nose.