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My thoughts on the Colette front was that he's been listening not just for "turned into a girl" but also "date."

Like, sure Rudy put 0 effort into making his homosexuality a secret, but his dating Rain wasn't a secret either. Thing was it was put out there that he liked her as an "exception" to cover up Rain's trans status.

So, I think, in Colette's mind: "If Rudy can like girl's as an exception, does that mean Emily could be an exception too? I mean, he DID take her here as a date." and generally overthinking it.

In other words, I think Colette's got a crush on Rudy (Shippers rejoice!) Which works well since Rudy is into boys and Colette's been planning to transition anyway.

Anyone else thinking the same thing?
I think Taylor's just a chill person who keeps secrets to themselves.

Not really? If Drew wanted to keep dating Ky, he should've been prepared for whenever they start feeling like they're any gender other than a girl.

It wasn't Ky's choice to exit girl mode at prom. Plus the way Drew is reacting gives off the impression he's making it all about him rather than giving a damn about how Ky felt.
*cocks rotten tomato in my grip and sets my sights on Drew's head. Target locked in and ready for the yeet*
Drew plz don't fuck this up.

or else i'll yeet a rotten tomato at you.
The pessimistic part of me wants to say Drew's gonna make an ass of himself.

The optimistic part of me wants to say Drew is genuinely trying but is still screwing up pronouns. I want to believe he is gonna take Ky now being in "boy mode" in stride and try to help them. I want to believe he took what Gavin and Ky said to heart after Ky said they and Drew were incompatible. I want to believe he's mentally prepared himself for this so that he doesn't unintentionally hurt Ky again.
The moment Rain and Emily were having dies at the end of Avengers: Endgame.
@Guest: Honestly? Same.

I guess what with her deadname being used to check in in order to get Chanel in, they put "Ryan" in the "Prom king" column.

Not sure if the other kids will accept it as a simple mistake though. People may start questioning Rain's assigned gender whether she wins or not just from the placement of her name on the King's column.

If not there's still the sweep Chanel off her feet drive off into the sunset and all while flipping off the school idea Gavin mentioned.

(Rando-dude who wants to ruin the fun: But Climax, don't most proms take place at night time?)

Eh, there's a sunset somewhere.

why do I have the sneaking suspicion the moment Rain becomes prom queen, Debbie's going to go nuts?
(What some of us thought of doing upon trying to clock Rain as a boy.)

.......*sigh*....oh Debbie... =_= *pops cap off black marker*

*writes "Dat shit's none of yo business anyway, Debbie" backwards in black marker on Debbie's forehead*

You know, for when she finally takes a look in the mirror...
We need more ham in our lives.
That facepalm just reads "God dammit, Linda. don't you start...."
I swear to god, Holly took up a job as a part-time ninja.

oh craaap.

Not that ass-clown.

I partially expected it from Todd but Chase is a different story altogether.

He's taller and likely stronger than Todd since he's older.

And Chanel wasn't pregnant like Emily is now when Todd grabbed the former.

A type of confrontational guy who wants the last word and a pregnant teen is a dangerous combination for the latter.
January 4th, 2019
Gavin's a smart and understanding guy. I think he'd know to keep Colette's trans status a secret at least until either Rudy, or better yet, Colette confirms it themselves. You can't assume someone's comfortable with you knowing a personal secret like that if they haven't told you themselves.

That would be the safest approach in my opinion anyway.
Maybe she just figured it out on the spot from Emily telling her all that advice like she knew how to date Maria.

Anything's possible XD
Things Maria needs to do in order for Gavin's prophecy to be fulfilled.

Have blue hair: CHECK!

(maybe) A few more ear piercings: same amount of ear piercings as I can see.

Roll up in a new Car: Still waiting on that.

Sweep Chanel off her feet: Still waiting on that.

Flip off the school as they drive off into the sunset: Still waiting on that.
Betting Maria's gonna do all that stuff Gavin said earlier. Like, show up with blue hair, sweep Chanel off her feet and flip off the school.
As much as I'd love to see Quenton and Todd writhe in their punishment. Todd needs help. Something caused him to act as hateful as he is to other people and as violent as he is, that much anger can't be good for anyone. Plus Quenton isn't able to wreck the futures of any gay kids for the "crime" of being gay. So that's good.

Sometimes you gotta learn that the best form of karma, is to have the bad guy's means of hurting others stripped from them so that they may not cause anymore harm to anyone else.

Totally relate with Collette when he says it'd have been satisfying to see Todd get punished but Rehabilitating him was better. Todd needs help with whatever problems lead him to feel the way he feels and allowing him to take it out on others wasn't going to help.....well.....anyone.