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January 4th, 2019
Gavin's a smart and understanding guy. I think he'd know to keep Colette's trans status a secret at least until either Rudy, or better yet, Colette confirms it themselves. You can't assume someone's comfortable with you knowing a personal secret like that if they haven't told you themselves.

That would be the safest approach in my opinion anyway.
Maybe she just figured it out on the spot from Emily telling her all that advice like she knew how to date Maria.

Anything's possible XD
Calling it now.

Quenton is the final boss.
Things Maria needs to do in order for Gavin's prophecy to be fulfilled.

Have blue hair: CHECK!

(maybe) A few more ear piercings: same amount of ear piercings as I can see.

Roll up in a new Car: Still waiting on that.

Sweep Chanel off her feet: Still waiting on that.

Flip off the school as they drive off into the sunset: Still waiting on that.
Betting Maria's gonna do all that stuff Gavin said earlier. Like, show up with blue hair, sweep Chanel off her feet and flip off the school.
As much as I'd love to see Quenton and Todd writhe in their punishment. Todd needs help. Something caused him to act as hateful as he is to other people and as violent as he is, that much anger can't be good for anyone. Plus Quenton isn't able to wreck the futures of any gay kids for the "crime" of being gay. So that's good.

Sometimes you gotta learn that the best form of karma, is to have the bad guy's means of hurting others stripped from them so that they may not cause anymore harm to anyone else.

Totally relate with Collette when he says it'd have been satisfying to see Todd get punished but Rehabilitating him was better. Todd needs help with whatever problems lead him to feel the way he feels and allowing him to take it out on others wasn't going to help.....well.....anyone.
The Norman issue
I can't help but feel there's more to Arthur's plan to "fix this" than we think there is.

I can certainly see how removing a shitty principal and finally making a bully be held accountable for his actions could fix Maria (Assuming she comes back) and Rudy's SCHOOL life, but for their HOME life, it doesn't change anything.

Norman seemed to be a mixture of both surprised and livid last time we saw him. So I don't know what he's planning, assuming he is at all. It feels too easy for all of his plans to make his children straight to be shut down by his wife like that.

....Hmm......Arthur said he talked to Rudy's MOTHER.....No mention of the father.

Both instances of Arthur mentioning an offscreen convo with Donna, Norman was never mentioned. One with Rudy in favor of total transparency with him, and the other with Quenton about medical records that Arthur obtained from Donna.

So, I can logically assume, he wasn't there WITH Donna. This could mean, Arthur and Donna were talking about him.

Looking forward to finding out if there was more to Arthur's meeting with Donna than just medical records.
@Snow Lilly:

What Arthur could do to really roast Quinton is if he said:
"Earlier you told me sloth is a sin, considering you did nothing to help Rudy or punish Todd, perhaps it's time you practice what you preach."

You know, I couldn't quite tell from his facial expression when I first looked at it, but when you look closely, there are lines going down from his face.

I thought those might be wrinkles, but I don't think I ever saw those before, so I looked at Quenton's face at this page:

In that page, You'll notice a distinct lack of line patterns like what you see just right of the middle "bang" and at the left side of his face in THIS page.

To see them now, I can only come to the conclusion that he's sweating. Arthur's got Quenton backed into a corner and he knows it.
My thoughts are pretty much, I predict/hope Arthur takes Quenton's job by the end of this.

Arthur's done more for the Strongwell kids in about a day than Quenton has done in 2 years.

I wouldn't be surprised if that happened. At the same time, I wouldn't NOT be pleased if it did.

As far as I can remember it wasn't. I just got all my info on the characters from the TVtropes page and from what I can remember after binging the comic.

Guess someone forgot to add Quenton's last name by mistake when updating the TVTropes Character page.

Ah well, there goes the "Todd is Quenton's son theory." Would've definitely explained why he was protecting him.

Sorry if I phrased that like I was demanding answers. I REALLY suck at communication at times. Upon seeing Quenton's reaction I thought "Oh fuck, I think we're about to find out Quenton's last name." and phrased that poorly. ^_^;;

*Apology bows intensifies*
I think it's time we find out Quinton's last name.

He's has that look, like "really, this is what you got?" I doubt Quentin plans on letting Todd face the consequences of his actions.

Something tells me we may like the result. =3
Hopefully Arthur brings this mountain of evidence up publicly.

And by that, I mean I hope he brings this mountain of evidence up to the parents of every student attending that school.

Not every parent sending their kid to this school is an awful human being, I know that from seeing Anastasia's father become supportive of her wanting to be a girl. And Chanel's parents pulling her out of school because of physical bullying like what Todd did to her. And Even Donna defending Rudy, she might be in need of some personal growth, but she clearly loves her kids, more than she wants them to be straight.

Being a piece of shit human being to someone because they're gay might earn Todd some brownie points with anti-lgbt parents and teachers, but being abusive to the female students likely won't.

Let's be very frank: Men abusing women will piss people off a LOT more than women abusing men will do. It's unfortunate but it's true. And I don't mean that to sound sexist, I am merely stating a fact.

If Todd being abusive to many of the female students is brought up, it will NOT be good for Todd's case.

I believe if Todd's abuse is brought up publicly, Chanel's testimony would have to be taken seriously too. To show that Todd started the fight, proving that Maria was trying to defend Chanel.

Parents will wonder why such awful behavior was allowed to happen to their daughters.

They'll want to know WHO covered it up so that this student was allowed to dish out abuse to their children.

Investigations will lead to the PRINCIPAL of the school whose been defending Todd from any punishment for his bullying of Rudy.

That would be Quenton.

And even if Quenton somehow smooth talks his way into making it sound like the testimonies of the girls Todd abused were inadmissible, the case of Todd's elusive doctor's note might crack this case wide open.

Todd clearly doesn't have any injury from that "Fight" with Maria, so he won't have a doctor's note.

No doctor's note means either the school didn't call Todd's parents to have him taken to the hospital IMMEDIATELY after the fight happened, or the injury never happened and that the school has expelled Maria to protect Todd and ignored Chanel's testimony.

Even if Todd somehow injures himself and gets taken to a hospital for the sole purpose of a doctor's note. there's the case of the date on that doctor's not matching up with the day of the supposed "injury"

Either way, this will not look good for Quenton.

Testimony is nice, but physical evidence tends to be far more effective.

Translation: Quenton? Todd? Do you two hear that? That's the sound of the Karmic Hype Train approaching as it toots its horn.

Choo Choo, you MotherFuckers. Choo. Choo.
Wouldn't it be more likely that the people around us are closeted lgbtq people than the likelihood of everyone around us being straight and cisgendered?
I want to say Colette is a trans-girl.

but the Whole thing with Rain transitioning is the whole reason why Rudy broke up with her.

So, my take on this is that Colette may be a closeted Trans-BOY.

I could totally see Colette becoming Cole, and it would definitely explain why they were hoping Rudy was trans.

First prologue page, Aiken says "I want to be a lawyer, like dad"

I saw the wiki page on him, looked at the first prologue and thought "Oh shit, the school could hire an asshole like that. Anti-LGBT school, Anti-LGBT douchebag, defending that school seems like the perfect job for him"

You're kidding, who the hell taught her how to diagnose patients? WebMD?
*sliiiides in the pina colada song*


She got caught in the rain! You can't not think of this song as the perfect fit for this type of scenario, she's even escaping for fucks sake XD!!!
Oooooh no. I just realized a disturbing possibility.


It's very possible that we may see Marcus....Same Marcus that abused his family emotionally and physically. Rain's total scumbag father and evil incarnate that rivals the likes of Father Quenton.....THAAAAT Marcus.

He's a lawyer according to the dirt i dug up on him.

I bring this up because Chanel's parents are filing a lawsuit against the school. Naturally, the school will want to hire lawyers to defend them against such lawsuits.

Marcus seems like the kind of anti-lgbt scumbag who'd sign up for that.

Which is really bad because he doesn't know about Rain. Only about a "Son named Ryan".

If he finds out about a "daughter named Rain" He'll most likely out her.

And Another thing about Marcus I want to bring to the table.........I think he abandoned his family for another woman.

My only source for that is that back during a page where Vincent was having that flashback to his talk with Kellen, when he brought up how she might not inherently be transphobic and that she might be the way she is because her father abandoned them. But Kellen disproved it because nobody cried for him.

I think he was partially right on the money.

Kellen treats Rain's trans identity as "Rain taking her baby brother away" and Jessica as "Taking Aiken away"

What if the criteria for such irrational unacceptance is, instead of "women who take male family members away", it is "Women who take family members away?" Change the criteria a wee bit, everything changes.

What if, instead of her missing her father, she blames the other woman that Marcus was seeing on the side for her mother's death. One might connect their grief towards their mother's death and the anger they feel for their father abandoning the family, to the woman that the father left the mother for.

Marcus already abandoned his family at a crucial point along with physically and emotionally abusing his family. Soooo the idea that he was seeing another woman on the side and left them altogether when it became clear she wasn't gonna make it doesn't sound like that big of a stretch to me.