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Born small. Now much larger. I like things that are fun, like sitting quietly in the dark, and everyone going away and leaving me alone. Also, drawing cartoons, apparently.
Improv Comics Day 17 -
This one's not based on anyone's suggestion, but I wanted to do a hot take. I'm taking a few days off in the middle of improv month here to rest my hand. It started cramping up the last couple days and this one took some effort to finish off. Too much drawing. Still, 17 days in a row is a good run. Back with more improv comics soon.
Improv Comics Day 16 -
Another suggestion courtesy of @artofjoe for an anime-based kite fight. I don't read or watch a lot of anime, but to me that means one thing: giant robots.
@artofjoe: he's not OCD, just inconsiderate. I worked in an office where someone always stopped the microwave with a second or two left. It won't accept any key presses until you hit stop a second time to clear it. Annoying.
Improv Comics Day 15 -
Based on two comments on yesterday's comic, both asking what happened to the hamster. This is where he went.
Improv Comics Day 14 -
This one's based on a true story.
@TheJGamer: Yes, he is truly a hero for our times. Good and good for you.
Improv Comics Day 13 -
This one's for you @TheJGamer: "How about Radish Man finding out he's about to be chopped up after being mistaken as a generic radish by a moron?" Here you go!
Improv Comics Day 12 -
Today's suggestion comes from Facebook, for a comic about Savannah, GA and the ghost of Harambe. Okay, then. Here you go.
Improv Comics Day 11 -
Today's idea comes courtesy of impatient Facebook fans, who wanted today's comic earlier. Okay, here's a comic about how to make your own Spiny Gumbo, for if you can't wait.
@10ali10: That sounds confusing. Consider it done.
Improv Comics Day 10 -
Another suggestion by @artofjoe: "Do one about a frog who is bullied because his tongue doesn't work properly..." Here you go! Three weeks of daily updates left ...
@TheJGamer: I think I can manage that, sure. Look for it in a few days. I have a couple other things in the queue.
Improv Comics Day 9 -
Today's idea comes from @Dark_shadow: "How about one were radish mans sees an impostor of him and he tries to attack him, But it turns out it [spoilers redacted]?" Nice one. I like how this came out. Gave me a chance to practice drawing some action panels too.
@Dark_shadow: Okay that's pretty good. Your wish is granted.
Improv Comics Day 8
Today's comic idea comes courtesy of @10ali10 who commented on the One Day in Ancient Egypt comic, "i honestly love this comic!!!keep on making them spinygumbo!" I took your suggestion to heart, and made another one with mostly recycled artwork. Cheating, I know, but I have a busy day today and didn't have a lot of time to do a comic anyway. I'll try to make it up to you tomorrow.
Okay, today's comic comes courtesy of a Facebook fan, who asked for a cartoon about the "Manhattan Soda Project". Way to make it a challenge, Erin O. :)
@10ali10: :D ... if you ever do, don't get stuck in the molasses swamp. You never get out of that mess.
@artofjoe: It's actually like the least weird game of Candyland ever in my household.
@10ali10: Done. See today's strip.