Hope it gets better and thanks for the page!
June 19th, 2017
@AssyntAngel: So fucking relatable
June 15th, 2017
Wha-what?? *Starts aggressively clicking on where the next button is supposed to be* You can't play with my emotions like this ;_;
Love the new cover!!
June 4th, 2017
Haven't you ever heard of opening a goddamn door, no?
Nuuu...Oh well...I'll try to follow the comic on there
May 30th, 2017
Thank you for the update, and as he said-take your time :D
Someone's blushing :3
shieeet, that escalated quickly
Ty for the update! ^^
You can give him something else Dylan ;3
May 14th, 2017
When did Juuzou become a cashier?
I'm guessing the ending is a metaphor (money symbolising their relationship as a hooker and a costumer, and the lighter as something more (how they first met) even tho they're practically strangers) And even tho they're probably never gonna see each other again, Naoru chooses the second relationship between them
Or something, idk...
Is that Sourin?? ♡
@NeonChrome: Of course! I actually found it on some random site and decided to put it,so I'm not sure...but now that you said it it really does remind me of Araragi :D
I finally caught up on TEN and loved it so much
Can't wait for the spin-offs ^◇^
No...Why the booty xD
thanks for the double update and have fun at the con!
Dev from Theurgy!! :DD
love it xD
Your art is so beautiful,thank you for an awesome comic!Looking forward to reading the story (and maybe the comic) in the future ^_^