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I'm just here to comment on Rain, mang.
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...what do you mean 'miss with their plumbing'...?
Ask out Ruby...?
He might...
I just realized how terrible the Flaherty twins are at being engaged...
True, true... but after all that happened with Debbie? She may have had a change of heart.
I think... this might be Rain. That's why Lynn didn't specify a name. Remember when Emily said she would be willing to make her a wig?
K but this is the cutest thing ever.
Dang it, I need dat next page, Lynn!

But seriously, great work on this comic in it's entirety. I alwats know where I need to go if I need comfort and a wonderful story.
I'm gonna go with the first one. Thanks
What is clocked?
Sheeeeeeeiiiiit. Rain over here droppin some dope-ass lyrics.
I am now in love with Madison
"Shut up, Wesley"
I'm using that phrase in real life.
Hoooooooooooooooooo dear
Rain, look at her funny and laugh. That's the only way out. Then make her life a living hell.
Well Rain did have a male puberty...
Hooooooooooooooooo boy...
Ah, right, right... maybe they could fake it?
Wait, why not pair up Ruby/Rudy and Ky, so that way Ky can wear whatever.