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Likes playing Minecraft, at the same time has to do lots of homework.
#loves cats. ^-^
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@ScruffyDeltaNexus26: Ya, I get that but I mean it's summer.
the writing is hard to read...
I just found out right now that Smack Jeeves was updated. -_-
@Fuck u: where do you get that name? mother f***er. -_- need to calm down.
Mother's day. Time to get that damn phone out.
Finllay! eevee academy is back up again. ^-^
It has only been a week and It feels like a month.
Look's like I'm late.-_- But anyways this is my first time on smackjeeves with my IPad.
Blood in yo' face what a big disgrace.
I just knowest that we are on a new chapter.
Came in late -_- *sigh* again
need'a go shopping.
@Pinkeevee222: Nice video. ^_^
@Braddatz: do you even know how to say god? idiots. *sigh* -_-