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With you feet? Hahah it would still have come out better than what i can draw ;P
Ypu expression work in this strip is brilliant. Eagerly awaiting the next update,
Okay, spent the last few days reading this comic - it's 'effin legendary. I love it and I'll be checking for updates every day. I fancy the ass of Gail, obviously. <3 I may think of doing some fanart of her. <3 Keep up the excellent work, m'dear.
I love this comic already... and you're very good at drawing cats...
An illustrated FML

"Today, I walked into the kitchen and saw a note my roomate posted. As I got close to read it I was attacked by a very pissed off cat. The note said "Left window open last night, stray cat got in. Watch out he isn't friendly." FML"
Still going with the god-awful puns? xD Train of thought... a dangerous weapon which strikes when you least expect it.
Too many late nighters give us Tetris Effect. (Supposed to be out on the day celebrating tetris effect, but i got lazy)
Kudos to those who get the reference.
For those of you who don't use Linux, Tux Paint is a program for kids. It's educational as it says the name of the animal you stamp. In this case, i stamped what i thought was an ostrich to have "A REAH" Blast through my speakers at full volume over Calvin Harris. Anyway, that program should be blocked when you're working, it's addictive as hell and the rubber makes little squeaky noises. :)
I apologise in advanced for the small writing.

I have no idea how that happened. It looked fine when i made it.

Cannot be bothered changing it.

Also, this comic was a kind of filler, because i'll get back to work on it, i promise. Just a little tidbit to keep people happy.
Dear SBM, i'm trying my best to keep up with your comic :S It's been hard because you update so frequently, to comment, so i take this oppertunity to say that your comics are still great and witty, keep it up.

Also, Korbeh: I'm not sure if 'k' is an adequate response to a comic strip... Forgive me, of course if this is some sort of inside joke.
Thank you, Rayanne, your comments never fail to motivate me.
Allanperkins: Oh, thanks alot for a faving my comic! I'm really glad you like it :) I'll update soon.

SBM: Yeah, like norton anti-virus. You get it free with everything. Even cheese.
Haha nice one. I always wondered why we couldn't just tell that woman who did it. The box picky thing was annoying.
Hhahahaha this one rocks. I often thought of the earth bi-polar joke too. xD
The expressions had me rolling around on my desk. Oh god. again, your last panels have me in peels of gufawing
God, you're an ass. Everyone uses you. And you come crawling back like a bitch. Yeaaaaaaah. Like a bitch. *bricked*


Yeah, this one is really great. You keep firing em out like demented children.