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@Torakodragon: Hope it works out for you
@YolkenEgg: This made my day lmao
Are you going to be okay money wise since your quitting your job?
@Kimmikala: Congrats and good luck.
One of a kind!!
You're one of the few authors I know who actually make corrections when someone points it out and you even take suggestions. I really like that about you. Most of the time authors just complain that reader should stop pointing their mistakes out but you don't and I really commend you on that. I'm going to stop rambling now. Just wanted to tell you that I like that about you.
I love Judy's tattoos, they look so nice.
I'm so happy for you *cue the tears*
Poor guy. I get this cause I have broken down in front of a teacher infact my whole class was there too
@SHINee_BigBang: My sentiments exactly
Howie face in the third panel is simply adorable
Oh MY God Jason is so cute
No don't cut your hair it's so gorgeous
I'm crying right now I saw this coming but the tears are still gathering
his eye colour changed
I'm proud of you Sooch
I really like how you tell the story it's different because usually, the person doesn't confess anything until the person is literally going to leave right now or their already gone n they realize their mistake.
Vanessa Scarlett 45
February 28th, 2018
Mel is so hot and I love his eyes
He was the bottom. That's so cute