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One of a kind!!
You're one of the few authors I know who actually make corrections when someone points it out and you even take suggestions. I really like that about you. Most of the time authors just complain that reader should stop pointing their mistakes out but you don't and I really commend you on that. I'm going to stop rambling now. Just wanted to tell you that I like that about you.
I love Judy's tattoos, they look so nice.
I'm so happy for you *cue the tears*
Poor guy. I get this cause I have broken down in front of a teacher infact my whole class was there too
@SHINee_BigBang: My sentiments exactly
Howie face in the third panel is simply adorable
Oh MY God Jason is so cute
No don't cut your hair it's so gorgeous
I'm crying right now I saw this coming but the tears are still gathering
his eye colour changed
I'm proud of you Sooch
I really like how you tell the story it's different because usually, the person doesn't confess anything until the person is literally going to leave right now or their already gone n they realize their mistake.
Vanessa Scarlett 45
February 28th, 2018
Mel is so hot and I love his eyes
He was the bottom. That's so cute
That is sexy as hell
It's torture to wait for the next page
Kylee's face in the third panel is so sexy
I am literally crying
I'm just so happy, I've been waiting for this moment for so long
that eye contact and the smile though