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a real plonker
joe is my hero
really relating to this sad enigma
my trash son :'(((((
keep in mind how lucky you are next time you see alkalline's sweet sweet booty, zeggart
zeggy being relatable rn. when u see just how bad you fucked up
i hope dennis has just been throwing the shells on zeggy while he's passed out
allow me to take a moment to say, dcs, how totally pumped i am for upcoming chapters. space just keeps amping up in general arty gorgeousness and plot intensity and I LOVE IT.

also yas to those sweet hot man chests.
@Moe: Helmet Antag's read the comic and is Team Joe
that's all folks
honestly zeggy a nosebleed at a time like this
those are some big tamagotchis everyone's got on their hip
this planet is sexy tbh
wait why didn't i comment on this. this is my favorite thing alkaline has ever said.
alkaline your tears will only make the mud slide worse
don't encourage him, alkaline.
he's just been busy playing duck hunt
zeggy pls. buckle up for safety. who raised u.
don't make that face joe, toggy's great. you'll love it.
merry christmas to me