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Posted a day early since i will have no internet for a week
Really though, what was with this guy? Judo has some merit, but come on he isn't even that good at it.
@Calz like no other: It's no bother friend :)
@Calz like no other: There is nothing magical about drawing. It's a skill. It takes years to develop, but if you study and work hard. I think almost anyone can learn how to draw. There are plenty of videos on youtube that can teach you. Plus there are many different ways to make comics, you don't need to learn how to strictly draw.
@Calz like no other: Why thank you! I'm gonna post the next update early. Will be up this Friday.
I'm no telling sure bjj I should designed for fighting dragons lol
Love the way you drew the double leg take down, but the catching in that arm bar/ triangle was sweeeeet. You nailed that sequence. So cool.
Strange looking handgun. Cool page though :)
@tiffpascal: Very nice! I like the old school comic strip vibe I'm getting from your work. This could have been on news paper back in the day. So are these stories based on events that happened to you, or are the they made up?
Hello you have tuned into the all brain washed channel.
"Sorry I need to brain wash you."
See he did that triangle choke all wrong. All he had to do was move her arm to the other side of his body and pull on the head! I transition to the arm bar!!!!

Awesome page!
Tiff can take 15 Yoga people. She has a battlebot!
@tiffpascal: Thank you, you as well. I can tell you sketch your pages. Do you use photoshop for the color?
Okay I really need to know how a bunch of yoga people are going to fight Jiu Jitsu students. Guns maybe???? Is there something I don't know about yoga people. Do they have mind powers?
@tiffpascal: Yup, my brother and I both. I've put in about almost six years now. Unforgettably bjj isn't super popular in my area. So we keep jumping from school to school. Trying a new place out this week actually lol
It's really cool to see a comic centered around Jiu Jitsu. I'm sending this to my training patterns.