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I like video games, art, hats, and anime.
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@I'llRaichuAComic: you go man! it's fun to make things different from what they're supposed to be, and it really just makes things more intresting!
@IceSuicune: they turned out well, probably better than I could manage.
@Ian Evans: sucks that they removed that in later games...
annoying itchy grass... I like to cut paths when I get cut.
@Skyrocker4cats: I just finished reading it. It wasn't bad.
man axis is so tsunders
it would seem coals alot less talkative maybe. but yeah that was a really cheap shot... also I didn't reallize how big I'd made coals hands until I one right next to her head
@Skyrocker4cats: sorry... I didn't mean to be mean or anything
I like the onix
oh look, an evil mew...
I've decided that to get more pages out quicker for this comic each page will be in black and white. also I thought it kinda looked better that way.
okay the reason for the suddenly huge onix is because I looked up the sizes of charmeleon and onix and reallized that onix is nearly 10 times the size of charmeleon. what I did was I drew onix's face at the size of coal's and resized it to 10 times it's original size and now it is huge...
I'm not sure I'll be animating much more than last page... that took alot outta me...
I do think coals new appearance isn't bad... her feet are a pain to draw though...
I couldn't figure out how to upload a gif here so um the page is on deviantart instead at this link:
Welp... Looks like weeb needs a new starter...
this isn't looking good