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I like video games, art, hats, and anime.
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    Jordan Eckard
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don't worry you can just buy another, each sword you buy from him is stronger than the last
looks like the fights almost over which is great! I've was starting to get bored of drawing this hallway.
his homicide capacity it's- IT'S OVER 9000!
well this would be suprisingly only the second time I've actually reached page 25 with a comic the first being my first comic.
huh? is that like lavender town?
they're both in green?
he kinda looks like deadpool
I have a feeling these guys are lying...
Amei trip count: 3
wow that last panel really looks good
Well, Excuuuse meeee princess
yup they were...
@I'llRaichuAComic: you go man! it's fun to make things different from what they're supposed to be, and it really just makes things more intresting!
@IceSuicune: they turned out well, probably better than I could manage.
@Ian Evans: sucks that they removed that in later games...
annoying itchy grass... I like to cut paths when I get cut.
@Skyrocker4cats: I just finished reading it. It wasn't bad.