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admittedly this page isn't the way I wanted it to go, you can probably see how rushed it is too. but I couldn't think of a rational reason that it would go the way I had wanted it to go. so it didn't go that way.

now onto more important/intresting things in a few pages everyone will be outside in the town, during the day. I want draw in other people's human/pokemon characters. so if you want your trainer/pokemon to appear just give me a description of them or a reference of them and tell me that you want to see your character in my comic.

I do hope you enjoy. see you next week.
almost didn't finish this one on time,
first off Should I start drawing in black and white? (personally I like drawing in color, but I might be able to post more often in black and white.)
actually that's the only question I've got right now... honestly I do this comic because it's fun, but I wouldn't mind making others happy (or sad) while I do.
*facepalm* what. an. Idiot.
Admittedly I don't like the way this page turned out out, especially the last panel and the dialog, but I'd rather not go back and change it.
@Ian Evans: oh, haha sorry, I guess I misread that.
oh hey it's haley, also I think theirs a massive typo with the last panel. you meant to say "you didn't really think i was going to let that happen, did you?", correct?
so um, what gender is it? I want to know just how insane your luck is...
@TheJGamer: oh whoops hold on let me fix that really quickly
this one didn't take long, anyway the next part is going to be fun for me to draw, finally we get to the first gym
I've finally got the page out! It took me a month of off and on working but it is done. you can even tell where the breaks were.
@Guest: but is it mickey shaped?
He planned that didn't he...
@inejwstine: Oh whoops! Well I meant what I said. I do quite like your art style, and your little universe you've got goin' there. I may not understand a whole lot of it but I still enjoy it.
So many mickey shaped items!
@inejwstine: wait this is worse than racism! It's multi-racism! He's quite a bad guy isn't he... I'm glad your comic talks about so many varied issues.:)
he talks way more than any other link...
@Belated Epiphany: it'd make sense, she probably blows the place up every other week.
Nah, it was easy! Who needs type advantage when your pokes are highly overleveled.