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I am a semi competitive, shiny hunter, pokemon gamer, artist, animator and youtuber!
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Sorry I haven't been working on this for a while but a lot of things take up my time so... *shrugs* sorry.
@Garchomp joe ;D.: hey, multiple ask comic things have parts that aren't based off of purely the questions!
Frisk is somehow one of the people that can see the spirit.... Wonder how this will play out!
@Logical_Logan: you have to remember that each child never made it to the end and that the main reason frisk is successful is due to the ability to save and load. Signs show that most of the previous children didn't make it, so the different paths weren't possible, also the time passed when each child fell down would've effected the events.
@Logical_Logan: none of the paths have begun yet...
3 paths....
Just so you know...
The side your seeing switches between panels.
The spirit doesn't know Frisk... But more alarming, THE STICK IS MISSING!!!!!!
He and sans are friends, He is of the few that can see the spirit. Mad respect for his lazy and punny lifestyle.
Good times...
Goooood times...
So yeah, the spirit knew flowey when he was asriel!
A most extreme question...
And the most extreme answer!!...Not all.
Heya pal,
Decided to update this sprite of mine, its pretty nice, if I do say so myself, that it is all as I begin to trail off....
Go ahead! Ask!
Ask here and see this spirits response! Also, I will have my attention focused on this for the next while. And finally, if you want some backstory, click this link!
Meet the golden star of the ExoGround, Spediston ex!!!!! Smacktale character based off of Spediscey!
@Hurricane tanimo levine: ? No... I changed it.
@Hurricane tanimo levine: I know! You still are a garchomp
@Hurricane tanimo levine: its not a pokemon at all! Not all the characters are pokemon. Only those who's avatar are pokemon! This is a fire fox!