I am a semi competitive, shiny hunter, pokemon gamer and artist.
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@Silver the Eevee: its like a spiritual successor to megaman
I am so suprised...
Projared in his game grumps style is in this game!?!?!
@RealBoxTheEevee: sorry that caused a trigger, I'll change it, and distinguish means to tell apart, ill just use the little chao ball thing.
@RealBoxTheEevee: Real BOX! plus I needed to distinguish you from sliver the eevee in more than just colors.
@RealBoxTheEevee: cause your name is real BOX, sorry I was lazy, I got fed up trying to do a decent snivy, good thing the rest of it is in sprites.
@HollyTheFluffyCat: I wish you good luck! Also, please give credit for the lyrics to me please.
@RealBoxTheEevee: I thought it wasn't long enough so I added more to it!
@RealBoxTheEevee: sorry, I always get the wheres mixed up.
@RealBoxTheEevee: you can do half of it but only if the case is something like someone else does the other half. (Also, check out the rap if you wanna do that!)
Also, if your not good at singing, you can also do a rap using these lyrics!

"Here I come, here I go, I am the mii fighter yo! You should know, you should go, cause I will win this fight bro! You should now flee, because soon you will see, who its gonna be, in the winner circle it will be Mii! I got my fist, my sword, and my gun, and with that I can say, this fight has just begun. With cannon uppercut I'll launch ya to the sun, with forward somersault I'll knock you off your bum, with exposing side kick you will be done! When your representing everyone out their you should now how to fight, FIGHT! Fight with all your might, cause I'm launch ya to a greater height. When I take out my fists you better stop the chatter, because I'm gonna drop the hammer! Take my advice as I end you with a slice, better not try to shoot me, or else you will soon see, you Wil see the mistake you made as your blast comes at your face! If I get my final smash, you better watch out cause here's the slash, I tell ya, you better move fast cause here comes my final blast, with my fist glowing your chances are dashed, cause the last thing your gonna hear is your everything getting smashed! You bet against me? Well that was dumb, cause I launched them to the sun! What's that ya bum? Not having fun? Well that's too bad cause this rap is done, and do you want to know, how I won, cause you just got dunked on son!
Glaceon you are so screwed right now that I won't call you by your name!
Help make SoulTwist cast!
I will be making a au for undertale named SoulTwist, And you get to help! Submit your version of a charcter from undertale and they will have a shot at being part of it! (Just 1 extra thing, you can't use sns because i already made this au's sans.)
OOOOOOH!!!!! I ship this!
2 panels in with don, and I already like Don!
Blarg. Auto correct is changing blarg to howdy. Its annoying! Also, hope you do well! I'm trying to make sprites for my own comics... Also, I have some videos on YouTube now!
Rick, all I have to say, is thank you. For helping out poor Lem. Thank you.
@The CNG: Its been 10 YEARS!!!