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she seems nice.
@SkyHooves: emphasis on if, but then again it is a pmd comic so the criminal might as well be a bidoof on the second encounter.
just knock her out bring her home and call it a day.
um, do you two need a moment alone?
I guess torture would cause you to lose your memory.
I thought she was evolving
grey is not amused, and isn't it ruby?
sick comeback
dude, there's a blizzard outside and you hardly have any snow on you, what's your secret?
the second panel is prime background material
Well at least he died happy.
and he knows how to perform the one-inch punch!? hax admin pliz kick\ nerf
so im guessing bubble beam, Moongeist beam? flamethrower, and mirror coat?
I'm going to take a wild guess and say that's zoroark and zoruas following her
hey levitating rocks(stone edge) is useful especially if they're big(rock throw\ rock tomb)
whats in the box?