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he's hacking, admin pliz kick
nom nom nom nom last panel nom nom nom nom
@PJSam: it's a little late for that we already see a piece of that in the last panel.
I say its Weavile because of the three fingers\claws.
goodra is 6'7" fennekin's are 1' 4" so yeah you are little, but you are really cute.
BEHOLD, we have absol.
@ShadowStalker1128: hey surveilling a recruit is hard work, sometimes you just need a sandwich to keep up your strength up.
@Experiment04LLZ: ?????? *after google translate* ah got it, good luck *teleports and hides to see the action with some popcorn*
@siku: WAIT STOP! your too small to be able to aim and shoot it, you're going to hurt someone innocent, here use this instead *gives TM13 and TM97* have fun, and don't hurt your self.
@siku: my mistake, autocorrect on my phone.
dam suki, your eyes are gorgeous.
my guess is that she's writing her name but, because of the language barrier, he won't understand whats been written down.
@Experiment04LLZ: hey someone gotta do it every once in awhile, but, to be honest, she does seem to be set up to be our first boss in this adventure or at the very least an obstacle.
guess she's a monster in disguise, some might even say a"witch doctor" badum-da-tiss.
at first, I thought he said kill, but then I realized he's calling her name. Also Kiln, it's just not your day you need a vacation away from cave's
goodra used body slam
it's super effective
kiln fainted