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My guess's it's either cresselia or some local psychic like a Hypno.
a sticky pup.
book it, fox is going to blow.
well you don't look great
@arnisd: and here I thought he was just falling with style
did he throw himself off the bridge because of the flashback!?
@arnisd: like underneath the power plant or the reverse world?
Dam, did celebi just came down to see the beatdown? either way, pass the popcorn please.
@arnisd: then that place must be quite secure and in an obscure location like in the middle of the desert or ocean on an island, or maybe even on the MOON!
pretty sure humans are in some vault somewhere
@DarkFlameOSecrets: you're right it's obviously an illusion
just a minor flesh wound
wait, if Celebi is evil then how has anyone won any battles Celebi would just go back and outsmart them with future knowledge
looks like a delivery post.