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looks like a delivery post.
so he can see dead pokemon?
hey go back, you forgot your reflection!
dam I didn't think we'd see them again at least not alive or in one piece.
he's eating that without some ketchup or barbeque sauce!? what a complete savage.
don't you mean "a bad bad mon"
.....look what the cat dragged in.
well that was easy
she seems nice.
@SkyHooves: emphasis on if, but then again it is a pmd comic so the criminal might as well be a bidoof on the second encounter.
just knock her out bring her home and call it a day.
um, do you two need a moment alone?
I guess torture would cause you to lose your memory.
I thought she was evolving
grey is not amused, and isn't it ruby?
sick comeback
dude, there's a blizzard outside and you hardly have any snow on you, what's your secret?