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rubber used spit take
its very effective
I see that the cast has grown again, from 5 to 8 cant wait to see how they're introduced.
of course the sceptile is just cillin and munching on a reed.
whys the unknown dialogue translated?
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: doubt it saph(this stories edge lord)has a better chance at replacing the protagonist, or her brother.
@Neolancer: Been waiting to mention it for a while, I'm surprised no one else has mentioned it already.
just tell her that you were once a human named Finn.
@arnisd: and you got such a lucky roll winning a mew as a protagonist, guess its back to step one better luck next time.
@MissKate: everyone lived in harmony until the fire nation attacked.
@runesage: I know right, that stack is massive.though I'm sure he'll ask for seconds.
it looks like Jake is inhaling those ravioli in his mouth.
hurray, it's back!!!!!! also that's just like any cat being scared of something that seemingly pops out of nowhere.
@arnisd: well I feel dumb, I completely forgot and overlooked that when writing sorry.
@Darvin: really i cant tell with the dark red glow covering most of the eye.
The luxio could be friendly, you could keep him like a pet and teach him to be civilized and have him join your team it's a win,win.
@KirbyandPokemonFan: how? it's not that hot outside the cave.
(3rd and 4th pannel)
ah, zombie kill it with fire!