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Guess this is anyone's story to tell and but in.
hurray it's back!!!!
oh Rubber you're just playing yourself, just give in.
yep, she's a keeper.
maybe learn smokescreen to evade him?
@arnisd: yeah i guess, so it also doesn't help that since he has amnesia they essentially insulted his entire being.
wow, it didn't take much to crush his spirit XD. also why ruby?
looks like her maternal instincts have kicked into overdrive huh?
And they never saw him again, until now.
I knew that they wouldn't believe him.
@PhoenixFox35: can still type it though. sad, he will suffer for the rest of his childhood.
leon, run and hide!
@BronyTime: a bit early of that don't you think?
@arnisd: so they were unimpressed and thought he was either a ditto or zorua?