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OI, lay off the merchandise you two! those buns aren't ready yet.
plot twist: it's a zorua\zoroark saving them.
I don't get why everyone on about eating pokemon why else would scyther have those blades for hands not to mention all those Pokedex entries that suggest that.
quick use smoke screen.
it's always nice to see a new page.
you gotta love those illusions
back to the present.
throwing blast seeds like a maniac? Now i want to see that.
shit is starting to get real bad.
that bush wasn't there was it?
Why buy produce, when you can grow your own.
I'm guessing this is a B or A class mission?
It's a secret mission.
Guess this is anyone's story to tell and but in.
hurray it's back!!!!
oh Rubber you're just playing yourself, just give in.
yep, she's a keeper.
maybe learn smokescreen to evade him?