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Favorite Medium: Colored pencils, Charcoal, and Digital Media.

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, sewing, and playing dress up. I love to play with makeup and do people's hair. I thought about being a beautician, but my parents could only accept so much artsy ambition from me. lol, so, right now I'm working on my bachelors in illustration

Dream: My dream is to be an artist who creates illustrated short novels. ^^ All of my art is pretty much portraits or Japanese styled art ^^ . It's just what seems to catch my interest. ^^ I enjoy drawing pretty men and elegant/fantasy clothing.
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She's a cutie <3 I love her face and especially the color of her hair. :)
lol, I believe it. XD Especially most shoujo women. XD They always need a prince charming to rescue them. XD

Lovely page, I love the panel layout. <3
I really like how you colored his face and pants. ^^ lol, and the comic description made me laugh. <3
Ahhhh! Finally! Took you long enough Hades! ^^ I love it! I'm hoping to go to AX. If I do then I'm definitely getting my hands on this manga. ^^
LOL, Kazu’s a little perverted teenager. XD

Raise your hand if you think Kazu is in for some trouble. LOL


@ Kamahi: Thank you so much! I’m actually very self conscious
on all my BGs...I suck at perspective. XD

@Monomo: Aw! thank you! I didn’t expect so many people
to fall in love with the mouse. XD I’m happy now! <3
OMG! an update! at first I couldn't believe it! XD YAY! It looks awesome as usual! ^^
Aw, don't put a bag on your head...You're too pretty for a bag. XD
Very pretty illustration! I love the colors and how softly the hair falls to the ground. ^^ <3
You have a beautiful style! I must add! I want to read more and see more of your art. ^^
Wahhh!!!!! I love them so much! Just love her dammit! <3
You have very beautiful panel designs! ^^ I absolutely love how you use the most of ever page. ^^ <3
I love the colors! They work so well with the page. ^^ <3
lol, ah, yes, prove it. I love where this is going. *giggle* <3
Aw! I love the short and sweet stuff! I must watch! ^^ <3
I really do love the colors in this one. ^^ Very shinny. <3
I hope you guys aren't angry at me! T_T School had taken all my time, but now that it's summer I can update regularly now. ^^

I missed drawing the mousy! ^^
Very beautiful image. I adore your shading style and your use of the page. ^^ <3
How darling. ^^ I love how bright she drew the eyes! <3
Ah! Lavi poster in the BG! ^^ I love it! XD Nice work on the desk and computer arrangement. ^^ Very sharp
Woot! blackfox is my kind of guy! He's a mac user! XD