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Favorite Medium: Colored pencils, Charcoal, and Digital Media.

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, sewing, and playing dress up. I love to play with makeup and do people's hair. I thought about being a beautician, but my parents could only accept so much artsy ambition from me. lol, so, right now I'm working on my bachelors in illustration

Dream: My dream is to be an artist who creates illustrated short novels. ^^ All of my art is pretty much portraits or Japanese styled art ^^ . It's just what seems to catch my interest. ^^ I enjoy drawing pretty men and elegant/fantasy clothing.
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She's a cutie <3 I love her face and especially the color of her hair. :)
lol, I believe it. XD Especially most shoujo women. XD They always need a prince charming to rescue them. XD

Lovely page, I love the panel layout. <3
I really like how you colored his face and pants. ^^ lol, and the comic description made me laugh. <3
Ahhhh! Finally! Took you long enough Hades! ^^ I love it! I'm hoping to go to AX. If I do then I'm definitely getting my hands on this manga. ^^
LOL, Kazu’s a little perverted teenager. XD

Raise your hand if you think Kazu is in for some trouble. LOL


@ Kamahi: Thank you so much! I’m actually very self conscious
on all my BGs...I suck at perspective. XD

@Monomo: Aw! thank you! I didn’t expect so many people
to fall in love with the mouse. XD I’m happy now! <3
Aw, don't put a bag on your head...You're too pretty for a bag. XD
Very pretty illustration! I love the colors and how softly the hair falls to the ground. ^^ <3
You have a beautiful style! I must add! I want to read more and see more of your art. ^^
Wahhh!!!!! I love them so much! Just love her dammit! <3
You have very beautiful panel designs! ^^ I absolutely love how you use the most of ever page. ^^ <3
I love the colors! They work so well with the page. ^^ <3
lol, ah, yes, prove it. I love where this is going. *giggle* <3
Aw! I love the short and sweet stuff! I must watch! ^^ <3
I really do love the colors in this one. ^^ Very shinny. <3
I hope you guys aren't angry at me! T_T School had taken all my time, but now that it's summer I can update regularly now. ^^

I missed drawing the mousy! ^^
Very beautiful image. I adore your shading style and your use of the page. ^^ <3
Ah! Lavi poster in the BG! ^^ I love it! XD Nice work on the desk and computer arrangement. ^^ Very sharp
Woot! blackfox is my kind of guy! He's a mac user! XD
aw! How adorable! I love your style! Ah! and I love that you named one of your characters Kazu! XD That's the name I used for my main character as well! XD

Great minds think alike! ne? XD
lol, that’s what my face looks like half the time when I’m at Japan town. There are so many different foods I want to try, but alas, I cannot read the directions. XD I stick with my pocky. lol.

Okay! So on this page you were finally given some info! Kazu can’t read Japanese, the manga is taking place in Germany, and Kazu is a retard for looking in the cabinets before glancing around on the counter. XD


I would like to thank every one of you who became a new fan and left a comment on my previous page. ^^

GoldenGal42: Yay! I’m glad! ^^ I actually plan to change the color with each following chapter. ^^