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Okayy, my art style changed! Yep yep yep!
Also, the "lighting" is weird cause it took them hours to get there so it's a little darker haH
also there's a pretty birb

PS please ignore the fact that I literally just forgot Milly's huge ass yarn ball cause I'm a frikn idiot, w o o p s
Ok, if you haven't noticed, I changed the art style w o o p s (obviously tho) and the last few pages were just a (very) short prologue, this is where the first chapter ACTUALLY starts OvO

Also, I am so so super sorry for not uploading last weekend, if you didn't see the thingy or whatever I was in Phoenix, Arizona visiting my cousin, and didn't take my laptop, so I'm very sorry!
Y'all, don't get me wrong though, I frikn LOVE rain >v<
Mice ride birds here
In this world they do. Because it's cute >v<
Even if it doesn't make sense
@SupahTehDupah: Ikr, it just happens so much
Oi heck!
'v' Don't just just hate it when you see someone who needs help, but they just fall on your face
@ambat: I think they meant Fuzzy Lumpkins or something? Fuzzy is probably like, my favorite PPG villain >v<
Aww poor little bean, but that was hilarious!