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Just an ordinary gamer checking out some webcomics.
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    Samuel "Naught" Hall
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The Curse is Revealed...
So basically, she wears a frog suit that's cursed to act like.. Her own body? Does that mean she gets frog powers, or is it just a frog onesie that hurts the wearer if the onesie gets damaged?
Well holy heck. An unexpected turn of events!
I'd imagine Tadtoads are common enough to expect this sorta stuff..
"Someone on Discord".

*raises hand*

Yalp, that was me.
This has got to be the best thing I've ever read that's D&D related.

Partially cause 3 of my ideas are in there, but hey- this is gold.
Is no one gonna talk about how Debbie has one eye on Rosaline, and one eye on the fight? Lazy Eye to the rescue if'n ya ask me!
*grabs popcorn*

Dis better be some REAL MatPat shit...
We all know what song to sing!
C'mon, join in!
@DoctorGlasgow: DOOO ITT! We need Fish-Girl Plushies! XD
Is 'Govenrment' intentional..?
@Zarpaulus: I believe that it's just the skin and such morphing to attempt to show a smile. She has been shown smiling before.
@Some dude: LOL, I wouldn't put it past them.
Also in America- us civilized people call over the waiter/ress and ask them quietly for the check.

And it's crap like this that makes me love this comic!
Is it possible to have a full-scale version of the first panel? I'd LOVE to use it on an online messaging board some day...
@Phantom: I'll bet you five that she turns into a snake instead. (Y'know, to reference the Snake Guy and all that.)

There's the nasty bugger.
I called it. She went Owlbear.

Now, let's see if she can't turn into something more fierce and get a CRITICAL!

Also, I believe this is the most courage Svana's ever worked up. GO, SVANA!
That fist looks familiar...

Anyone think Bridget's gone full-on Owl-Bear?
Svana- if you're gonna go beast mode on this batlady b**ch, GO GO GO, LOVE!