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I guess I should actually fill this out finally. I've been on SmackJeeves since 2010 and used to make really awful Kirby sprite comics in MS Paint under the name Yoshi700. If you interacted with me between 2013 and 2015, I'm sorry you were exposed to me during such an unfortunate era of my life. This is like my fourth account because I kept deleting old ones which I honestly regret for my original account because some of the stuff on there was funny, at least to look back on now. But yeah, I've changed my online name a couple of times since the days of Yoshi700 but I settled on Ikaterru when I was 16 and I intend to keep it for the foreseeable future.

I'll probably post actual comics here at some point but as of now I'm too lazy and lack motivation. If you want to see my art in the meantime my instagram is linked on my page here, or if you want the really old page that I barely update then check deviantart. I don't have a link to it here but my name is the same.
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@Pinkeevee222: I have a blank application from like 2016 on one of my laptops so I should be fine unless an updated version has been made since then. In that case I might need a new one just to be sure everything I provide is as current as possible.
Name: Naruko Sebun Kintaru

Eevee Number: 57

Grade: 10, 11, or 12

A very very sleepy little eevee, usually found sleeping through his classes though he seems to somehow pass them in the end with surprisingly good grades. He's easy to get along with and can be very sweet in the off chance that you can keep him awake long enough to make a real connection. Always wears his beanie and bracelets/anklets as he thinks they look nice on him. Absolutely loves to read, which is the main activity people will see him engaged in if they find him awake. He's very mature for his age, usually talking to those his age or older and not paying much mind to his underclassmen. Thinks very highly of himself which can make him come across as a bit arrogant even though he may not mean to.


I know his owner is listed as ShoopDaWalrus on the master list but that was my old username/account I used until a couple of years ago. If you need proof that it's actually me I have some old messages from when I submitted him to provide if need be.
If you need any other details at any point for whatever reason I'll be happy to provide them. Also his reference image is very old so I'd be totally willing to redraw him if needed, since I made his original one with my laptop trackpad in this horribly unstable old version of MS Paint. If you want me to update it I'll just make a new app sheet with all his info to replace the old one.
This hits very close to home, lol.
@Kuragari: It's really whatever is most convenient for you, but I like the cropped boxes more personally.