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No, just the cat.
@lewarriorstar: and a Michelin Man neck
Panel four...
August 9th, 2017
I highly doubt those jeans are high enough to comply with the dress code, nevermind his tank top...
@enamis: The column is in a completely different position in 4 than in 3. Not possible from just turning.
So, when I read through this comic, I always notice these odd little continuity errors... for example,the right column on Noah's shirt in panel 3 is closer to his arm (and doesn't have a face next to it) than it is in panel 4.

However, these small details strike me as a little too odd to be unintentional.
I wonder if it's some weird inside joke, or if DoctorGlasgow does it to fuck with our heads (or mine, at least)
@bblue: b-baka!
Oh my god. This is, like, deja vu...
Don't think a comic like this is going to do so hot on a site like this. I mean, geez, %99.99 of the comics on this site are BL. Just look at my subscriptions...
Is that greg's dad?
@ambat: Whoop Whoop!
This is why I love this comic! It's choc-full of little witty references!

The laptop is named the "oswell II" which is a reference to one of the original portable/"laptop" (but not really) computers ever made!
Funnily enough, the Oswell II does indeed look like a modernized, spiritual successor to the original osborne (probably called the "Oswell" in this universe), with a design that more closely mirrors that of early 90s/late 80s laptop PCs, making it more appropriate for the time period of this comic.

Of course, however, I could be really mistaken, and have just embarrassed myself in front of a few hundred of my fellow readers, in which case it would have been a funny little coincidence!
July 30th, 2017
Great king rat was a dirty old man...
I know this is really weird and nitpicky, but hnestly; what the fuck happened to that cup between panel 2 and 3?
July 28th, 2017
Is nobody going to comment on how flustered the blond guy got we he got close to our "babbling"?
July 21st, 2017
@SillySweetie: Pineapple (fite meh) and BBQ chicken!
@Golb989: Jesus christ, you have one of those for every situation, don't you?