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"I'm going to go bang him"
Making my way downtown...
@Xabel Mind: I love it :D!
You know that little snKe knows what it's doing ;)...
@Seve: Can't wait for the eyes to be omitted...
@Xabel Mind: awww thank you love! Just saw your dedication hehe; this is great *--* -drools-
I came.. @__@

to read this page--was not disappointed... boy needs a sling ;)..momentum and all..
December 9th, 2018
Same page double post? o.o
Good ol eye fucking. Heh
December 7th, 2018
"I dare you, leans in close"
Ahahaha 😅 Oki dokie
I wonder if "choke me daddy" in the comments would make the cut...heh
November 27th, 2018
Same phone...who dis? O_o
where did the dream start? O_o.. -shrugs-
Time to dry hump... (click it...and love it!!)
Lol ..
This bitch
Purchased a copy. (Couldn't help it)
@secant1: Indeed..hehe