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lets watch the site traffic.. waits for the spike.. in traffice hahah
ooh.. I like where this is going :D
The bulges touching... -dead-... ;)..
August 13th, 2019
Snake charmer maybe
Ok dont get me wrong or anything.... BUT...... has like no one (in the comic) noticed his eyebrows.......? LoL
A "Good night" mental wink wink + physical smirk hehe
-comments silently-
lol...wait wait wait...

so this bish.... knew from the beginning he didn't like her >_>...

def dont liker her... heh
@gamerkatie: Fuck Me Eyes ? lol
Clearly Des has spotted that bulge what's his face is making :D (and no i dont remember his name lol)
wait did we go from hug to get her to im dumpin yo ass.. in like half a second....

lol..MAndy still trying to get the D...
Take me with you!! ._.
@CtrlShift4: :D my work here is done.
yeah..gonna need some of that d!ck!
Lol.. I know who.. :/..
@SeasonalDistress: Oh good... i'm not the only that doesn't care for him LOL
Oooh I don't like her....