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@R.O.-bot: I hope it get super gay!
@CutieSchoolBoy: ò.ó you said it -glares at bottle-
Dat butt
@SomiJuli: I thought as much..but one can dream xD haha.
@Florance: Nick Wilde, from Zootopia.
@KayLingLing7: I could have sworn I had left a comment / asked this..

But do you have a shop or something? Like that bag, too effing Cute, would make awesome tote bags *-*.. I want one, I am not kidding.

@Shyguyhoneylover: "Hey Brian, do you have any towels -blush-"

Brian: -walks over to hand a towel to Logan, and tries to look away as he reaches the towel over to Logan..- "" -blushing and trying hard to avert his eyes-

Logan: -blushing, and covering himself with the shower curtain sort of.. reaches out for the towel but can't reach without moving closer... decides to move closer while trying to hang on to the shower curtain, inevitably slips as he steps out of the shower and cant hang onto the curtain..and lands on top of Brian."

ok Juli & Somi, GO! (make sure to include sexy wet red-hair..nnngggff)

OMG ON that note.. ya'll killing me with PAnel #5 ;).eheheh

OR OR OR....

Brian brings Logan a towel; only to be met with an all wet, slippery, sexy Logan standing and as soon as he sees brian tries to cover himself...

<3 you! Omg last weekend I was religiously checking on smackjeeves .__. (LOL)
November 13th, 2017
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Time to make a new vampire.
OK, See? NOW I can appreciate you guys being clear with the we want you to purchase this caption thing at the end.

Thank you! (Now its less confusing when people go to your site--lol)
@Nocta: We can only hope so.. though I wonder how Draggosh will feel about feeling ding dong up his donut hole o.O.. hmm
<== nnnnngggffff YES! <3
Another Symptom of Sexually Transmitted Powers!
Pink pants, unicorn sweater and all.. xD I love it!
Thank you!! Adore this comic :D

@Kvvmatsu: we all are..I think they're just posting a link to their website, to sell books. So, basically pay to see uncensored stuff, but please someone correct me if I'm wrong.