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I'm thinking a parent called @_@''
ooh talk of riding... I like where this is going รด.o
Lol called it xD ๐Ÿ˜‚ love it'
@LC: with his huge cock @_@ they move?
Yup grown up Lilo on that anger management class sign up sheet @_@

ok Brian, don't let him see your massive raging hard on when he comes out xD or do..and let him uhh help you.. hehe
I'm sure someone would fuck you! Feel better :)!
Lilo All grown up
I know somebody that's going to be bottoming soon
ok good--I'm not the only one that was thinking He's fantasizing or dreaming all this heh..

he may even jerking off to it atm.. -shrugs-
I predict..sooch just blanking out and kissing howie outta nowhere to get his point across :)
@Kotokot: yay! Love all of your stuff--and this comic's updates have been just nice :D!

A little pause on handcuffs hasn't been bad hehe :)!

-waves to your new assistant- :D
@cassy-f-e: Like the style :D--and yaaasss make happen xD!
Daww that last face he makes