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I vote for a thick+long+uncut hung ginger..and a good flip fucking @_@.
Am I like the only one that doesn't feel bad for sooch..?

I do feel bad for Howie tho.
@KayLingLing7: Can I fight you, just for fun? o.o?
Am i the only one that thinks she looks like him in a wig? ._.
: >
@Kotokot: lol..normal... hahah...
I just realized he's missing an arm o.O
lol.. :/
#1: gimme that sweet ol booty
@Kotokot: omg keep it cooommmiiinnnnggg!!! I love your stuff :D!
@IMA~FUCKING~KING666: Cornfed cowboy, clearly.
'don't tell the dean, I'll suck yo dick' (bahahah)
@EmmaVieceli: lol Ian seems so clueless right now hahaha.
Someone's feeling tha booty.
Ha! Someone got rammed good! I love it!
February 27th, 2018
@Kotokot: YAY! Paper BAg Kitty Face!!!

Cant wait for them to smack what's his face for that dick move...

and cant wait for..eheheh <3 u!
-grab- turn him around..-kiss him-- do I still sound like your father?

February 26th, 2018
"HA" was the sounds I just let out while thinking, definitely not who you were expecting.
I can't help but lol at that face in the third panel ahah