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Use ya flowah powah to heal Vagus
*steadily growing more confoosed*
What is this black magic
@cccviper653: What have you done you villain
@cccviper653: no *calls the decency police*
Ooooooooooooooooooooooo...What happens, I must kno
I just realised, Vagus is doing a lot of bleeding right now
@Shadow_Strikr: It's magic, it's been shown to have some sort of seal the prevents anyone but Leon from getting into it, so maybe that's why. Also, it could be plot armour as well, it's probably gonna be very relevant. As close to a main character as an inanimate object can be
@zinnzinnluv: to save someone's feelings, yeah
@Luna_the_absol:3: I'll get my own bed, it's taken apparently *gets 5th bed*
@Flareon1: who's that?
@Luna_the_absol:3: and why the fourth one?
@Flareon1: shoot, sorry. Wouldn't have possessed it if I knew it were so important
@Luna_the_absol:3: *possesses the juice*
@Luna_the_absol:3: nu! *Possesses the sofa*
@Silvertheumbreon: (Don't worry, I didn't take that literally, I'm taking this whole thing with a grain of salt) NEVAR! I shall terrorize you all till the end of time!
@Luna_the_absol:3: I'm not a terrible person, I wouldn't take your child