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@Shaede The Black Eevee: You don't have to ship it, they're already going out
@cccviper653: but you're an Umbreon, you don't have feelers
@cccviper653: Boi, I have you handcuffed, you can do nothing
@cccviper653: boi, if you're gonna stalk someone, stalk someone worth stalking
@ARman444: get him in the van!
@ARman444: this man has tried to spoil the pureness of one 'Leon'
@cccviper653: boi, dontchu be feelin' me
@cccviper653: *holds you down* nuuuuu! *calls for backup*
@cccviper653: nu! Do not get rid of Leon's pure!
@cccviper653: Do not put such assumptions onto the cinnamon floof and cinnamon croc *bop of shames you*
@cccviper653: Oh! I thought you were talking about nosebleeds
@cccviper653: yeah...but don't freedom in public