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Silver the Eevee
I'm someone who exists and has a face
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@Hero of Comedy:the energetic one in the gen 3 sloth evo line?
@Lems: What about this would make him gay?
he's gonna tell her, I can feel it in my bones
Well, Scarlet is dead for sure
I've missed this! Glad to see you back
I feel sorry for Anokin, the one person who forgives him is the person he seems to have wronged the most, even he seems to think he deserves to die
@Shaede The Black Eevee: okie dokie, and I don;t mind aboutthe hiatus
unless anokin started that fire on purpose, It's a bit trashy of Sumi to just let him die slowly of disease, though I do understand her point of view
Ansei has been being a butt this whole time
@Some random guest: if you pretend to be something then you aren't actually that thing
@Silvertheumbreon: he's not actually an idiot, just acts like one
I ship it
@Random Person [Shade]: explanation doesn't explain much, but ok
@Random Person's couson: *they're. If you're going to act like that, do it with good grammar