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@Shaede The Black Eevee: what're shaede and paul doing in the last panel?
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Didn't confuse me, but I'm in on it soooo *rolls*
He's in alola now
gurl needs to go to an anger management class
Oh, he hurt a friend...Hopefully he had a reason
Totoboi needs a hug
ah yes, nice to meet you madamoiselle exposition. She smart tho
@Enderstar: I have no clue
@PJSam: nah, he's kinda an arse, an arse with a sweet side, but an arse nonetheless
I get that Mycaelis cares for Vagus in a way that he isn't very good at expressing, but he's the one who annoyed Vagus into going with Leon and not considering him. And personally being around someone you love with all your heart can make you stronger, depends on what you respond better to, the more strict side of strengthening yourself or the slower, but more caring side. Given the way Vagus reacts to Mycaelis he probably finds the stress of needing to be strong too much
@Leafy: Night was
@Enderstar: Oliver is a guy, so he's gay. But yeah, I agree with you
nope, don't like change