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So, I noticed this a while ago and no one's mentioned it... but Raph's hand on Marcus's shoulder in panel 2 appears to have the wrong skin tone. It's the same color as Marcus's skin there, which confused me for a hot minute the first time I saw the page.

Naturally my first comment despite lurking from the beginning is to point out an error. But it's the first time I've really noticed anything of the sort, so keep up the good work. It's a cute story and I'm just enjoying the ride. ^^
@Guest: The "it" in this instance is coffee or caffeine. Doug is simply referring to his observation in the first panel that coffee just makes Ned more anxious by mentioning it does the same thing to him.
August 23rd, 2017
You know...
... for some inexplicable reason I saw this coming last page.

I really have no clue as to why I was expecting it to happen, but I'm not at all disappointed to find out my intuition was correct.
I can't wait to see Dakota's face when he sees Kennedy shirtless.
I always thought Dakota was one of those cliché oblivious people who is somehow able to confuse a soft-spoken, too pretty for his own good guy for a flat-chested girl. I could be wrong, but I thought the BL and LGBTQ tags were sort of a hinting at something of that nature going on here.

It's been a while since I started reading the comic, but I'm fairly certain we also only ever see Kennedy referred to as female in Dakota's thoughts, they never actually have a reason to talk about gender or anything of that nature.

Oh, and if you look at the the Chapter 4 cover, it shows Kennedy nearly naked, and even though the upper chest is mostly covered, what's visible looks more like the form of a very slender male to me as opposed to a female... but I could be really super completely off-base here... though I'm really hoping I'm not.