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It's my dream to write a good, serious story, but all I'm doing is drawing 4-komas about gay kids. Sorry guys.
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hey i want to kill my wifi connection because it keeps turning on and off on ONLY MY COMPUTER
you know the feel
tfw the pretty gal is a country gal
As all stories do, we begin with a transfer student.
The book she's holding is "Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka, as you see in the previous page a direct quote
Now in: Yuzuru's perspective!
Next chapter will appear next week, I hope you enjoy!
I forgot to update oops
oof that was a long wait for the update. for some reason this takes longer than drawing pages for Arcadia???????? wha
"BE GONE, THOT" Suzume, definitely,
changing colors brb
don't do the sunshine background effect on me, grandma

waggles finger
chill, grandma
suzume's will to live: -1
the punchline is that suzume has social anxiety (ba-dum-tsssssS)
Aaaaand it begins
Initially this was going to be a Valentine's comic short. But as you can see, that's not happening any time soon. (Try Again Next Year)
My favorite page to draw. Also the page where I realized, "hey, I could just draw the panel and then text it using paint. neat"
The obligatory big ass wall of text coming your way. how's everyone's wednesday? Mine is great. I love watching dragon maid on wednesdays.
Ah, yes, that is the sound of crushing responsibility. Good luck, Suzume, because I'm sure as hell not going to answer that for you.