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@YolkenEgg: please oh please oh PLEASE tell that to Ashens. Go watch his shrink wrapped food video. Wrapped food absolutely does mold, does go off. So does tinned stuff. and alcohol. Basically all food, even water (mostly cuz packaging), can go off over time. It's just a matter of how much time.
@Hardychuckle: I believe that was a reference to stepping on a Lego.
@Seruta: I mean... realistically the zoo has more than just bars to stop something like an elephant. Most of the ones I've been too also have relatively deep/steep ditches by the bars just in case an elephant (or other dangerous, powerful animal, like a lion or rhino) does decide it wants to kill someone. Buuuuut...
@Glitchionius: See below. Also, if you're curious, a YouTuber called Trey the Explainer just released a video about homosexuality in animals.
Bullhorn also means megaphone...
I'm LGBT+ in the Bible Belt. I had to prove, multiple times, that homosexuality (and it's relatives) was natural and occurred in "Gods world" and thus wasn't just a phase or a sickness or a rebellion. So most of it came from various google searches at least a decade ago, if not more. But I also did my final paper for my Biology Bachelors on homosexuality in animals. Basically, if it forms social bonds there's at least one recorded instance of homosexuality.
@Glitchionius: If the author is sticking to reality of deer I wouldn't be surprised. Deer, sheep, and goats all have very high rates of homosexuality/bisexuality and it's actually been proven that males that mount or are mounted by other males are more successful with females in those groups.
Probably about as good as you'll get from someone brought up in a world like this.
Poor Tommy, his head must be so itchy from the shedding velvet.
@Guest: I'm thinking more the result of radiation fallout.
Called it.

Also, wow nothing at this zoo has very long left it looks like. I could barely find the grey on Izzy.
@Bealoreas: We haven't seen any reptiles yet I think, but that's possible too I guess.
Calling it, Isabelle is an elephant
@YolkenEgg: I think Dune is a he... but a little bit, yeah.
Gorgeous page, I love how you show the progression of time.
*many bleeps*

This better not be going where I think it's going.

Don't you dare Boss. I swear to fuck I will not just neuter you, I will nullify you!
1: What zoo is that supposed to be?
2: What types of deer are everyone?
*chuckles* yay wolfdog puppers incomning! But I still really want to know what was happening in the other page...
Hi, I started reading recently (read the whole thing in a couple of days) but I'm having trouble keeping all your characters straight... could you make a character page or something please?