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*many bleeps*

This better not be going where I think it's going.

Don't you dare Boss. I swear to fuck I will not just neuter you, I will nullify you!
1: What zoo is that supposed to be?
2: What types of deer are everyone?
*chuckles* yay wolfdog puppers incomning! But I still really want to know what was happening in the other page...
Hi, I started reading recently (read the whole thing in a couple of days) but I'm having trouble keeping all your characters straight... could you make a character page or something please?
@Brindle: The thing is, she's saying "the males" as in, all of them. Every single one. It's not just aimed at Ulfr. Ulfr just happens to be the male that she saw and targeted for this. She did not say "he shouldn't walk on unpunished". If she had said that then I would be inclined to agree with you. She is saying that all males have done this, and they all deserve to be punished. She targeted the first male she saw, whether he's innocent or guilty. She wants them all punished by her language.
Ladies and gentlemen... The Feminazi. Seriously. This is the attitude that ruins feminism and attempts at equality. The once-oppressed feel like they are still owed something, payback for damages, and rather than be content that they are no longer being oppressed they demand to be better... This is what causes racial issues in a post segregation world, what discredits feminism, and why society cannot be peacefully equal.

Also, I feel so sorry for Ronja here... She's trying to do her best but everyone is fucking it up underneath her.
I love how all of the hunters are smiling. It just shows that they're having a good time with this... and smiles seem so rare now.
True to all you guys have mentioned. But even today it seems counterproductive when you look at the idea of breeding food beasts, yet we do it regularly because some are unfit to continue reproducing, or because having too many intact males causes conflicts. And I was thinking it would be a punishment for rape more than anything between the dogs (or a form of social humiliation. Say for a low ranking dog, or a deserter, who gets caught).
@silver_huskey: I meant castration, as in removal of testicle. It doesn't always require cutting, though they do have the knives (and teeth) for that. In the olden days (and some areas still today) it can be done through various forms of crushing either the testes themselves or the cords going to and from them.
Don't know why this particular page made me think of it... but do the dogs of Asmundr/Home ever practice castration? Either to criminals or livestock or anything of the sort?
February 23rd, 2017
@Nora-Okami: Yeeeessss... I kinda wish the series had kept going... the first two books were nice and the third one was AMAZING. Jean Craighead George is an awesome author.
February 23rd, 2017
@Nora-Okami: I know that book!! Julie's Wolf Pack! I used to LOVE that book as a kid. It was when Silver rejoined her sons pack with her new mate Rawbones. Kapu (the alpha) and Rawbones were fighting all the time because Rawbones had been an alpha in his own pack before they wiped out. It was awesome.