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I'm so happy :')
You are awesommmeeeee!
Man... I-I really like this page, there it feels so real haha, I love this raw emotion stuff exploding out :)
AAAAHHH look at him as a snotty child ugghh, I am slain
Awww problem child 8(
Aww Todd, now what have you gotten yourself into? Time to reciprocate the hospitality, Petunia :(
More than meets the eye apparently, ohoho
It's trueee he has been looking a little under the weather for a few pages... Poor guy
Why was he cut off at the end! I must knowwww
I love the mood here and everything that has led up to this page. Seriously I feel like I've pulled an all-nighter looking at it, maybe it's just because it's late, but the growing dawn, lighting, seriously awesome.
You tell 'em Todd
Hahaha the alt text for this page
Gosh this just screams secret society meeting or something. Also those curly locks and freckles aaahhhhhhh ;v;
HIS NAME IS MR. CLANCY! That's the person that Petunia had to deliver that note to right! It said so on her hand when Todd wrote the address!
January 8th, 2011
Umm so I just discovered this comicccc, it's absolutely great! Going to follow now heehee 8)
....wahaha I totally read it at NO ONE LIKES YOU. WELL! I'm super super excited for whatever's coming up, with the intro of new characters and the cliffhanger from the last chapter aaahhhhhh!
Somehow, I can picture the exact scene that Meredith mentioned.
HAHA way to ruin a serious moment with your laughing, mysterious white hair-ed man!
Here it comes...!