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Briar Stone
November 23rd, 2018
Should'a thought that one through there doc.
You know, I'm kinda curious as to what face Virizion is making under that speech bubble.
Perfect present for an incubus, well other than that other thing they... 👍
Briar Stone
February 4th, 2018
Minor correction, a human or humans.
That time of month again? I guess Milo getting dumped happens fairly often. Poor Milo.
You know, that third panel makes him look a lot like a girl.
@Liv3lafLuv: Well the throne perch thingy kinda makes sense, since they are/look part bird.
Ahhh, so adorable!! What happened to him though?
Haha, that last line! Someone just stomped the speaker through a hole in reality and your response in to call the janitor. Hahaha.
Minor correction, I think you meant they instead of there in the sentence "Are there all...."
Not that big a deal. I like how the story is coming along.
That face though, he looks like he really doesn't like the guy he's stepping on.
I feel bad for Joakim. Like really bad. She's sooooooooooo dense.
That's a lot of freckles. And I think someone's about to get stepped on.
Lol, look on George's face in the last panel is hilarious.