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Briar Stone
February 4th, 2018
Minor correction, a human or humans.
That time of month again? I guess Milo getting dumped happens fairly often. Poor Milo.
You know, that third panel makes him look a lot like a girl.
@Liv3lafLuv: Well the throne perch thingy kinda makes sense, since they are/look part bird.
Ahhh, so adorable!! What happened to him though?
Haha, that last line! Someone just stomped the speaker through a hole in reality and your response in to call the janitor. Hahaha.
Minor correction, I think you meant they instead of there in the sentence "Are there all...."
Not that big a deal. I like how the story is coming along.
That face though, he looks like he really doesn't like the guy he's stepping on.
I feel bad for Joakim. Like really bad. She's sooooooooooo dense.
That's a lot of freckles. And I think someone's about to get stepped on.
Lol, look on George's face in the last panel is hilarious.