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I love reading
Yaoi is Life
I prefer Steven Universe over Anime except K-On
K-On is <3
I'm male and I'm really tall
I love singing but I have a horrible voice
I've never been so sick that I needed to go to a hospital
I believe everything my parents tell me but they don't know.
I'm good at forgiving people since I can sleep on it

I believe all of the crazy healing methods that my mom and grandma tells me..
I eat anything from paper to other non toxic stuff
I love watching K-drama
I cry whenever I watch a really sad K-drama
When Han Sung died I cried
When Mak Moon died I cried

welp! that all that I can say for now bye (^o^)/
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LOL The only constellation I can find is Orion.
Awww~ what a cute blusher (/^3^)/
STFU Beyotch
Living in saturn must be awesome
kyaah~ Raziol is so cute ><
well that was anticlimactic!
But lol I was laughing at her facial reaction
wow they must have great connections within the scientific community to be able to create a telescope as big as that!!!
That is awesomes (/^o^)/
To updates in one day!! this is amazing!! I'm so excited for the battle scene
The sparkles!!! I wanna touch (/*o*)/
AWWW~ Raziol is so cute with his blushing face! (/^3^)/
aww It's really sad that they've never seen the sun.
Awww~ Raziol's face when he saw the statue was soooo cute (/^3^)/.

Also, who is that is it Shiva? or some Hindu god. or is it Buddha? cause I'm confused of the hairstyle and the arms.
I wonder how she would react.
hmmm. I wonder. If either he'll look funny or cool.
So precious!! but I wonder what hes hiding, it must be bones of animals and humans lol
Oh~ how exciting
OK how powerful is this kid? (0.0)
Are those tentacles? or am i crazy?