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Lieutenant Commander Xanh is one of my favourite characters.
She's almost as mean to the Commander as I am.
Something has gone horribly wrong with the date on this thing and every time I correct it it gets worse somehow?

I know this story arc is about the Ambassador breaking time but I didn't think it would spread over to the website too!
Meant to upload this over the weekend so it would go live this morning.

Heh, my bad...
This is going to end well.
I mean, how could it not?
What hiatus? I didn't misplace my external drive with all the comics on. I have no idea what you're talking about!
Who's this weirdo?
Red uniform? Who wears a red uniform?
The Hopper!
The hopper is a small, aerodynamically flawed, just-above-surface-level two person transport vehicle which, if you agree with the Commander, kind of looks like a duck.
Today's comic is making a bit of a crossover into an older story line, so here's a couple of useful references for you.

Transporter duplicates: rs-pt-1/

Making some chairs: rs-pt-15/
I like the effect of the two time zones meeting at the window. It's like a wobbly photographic version of the optical illusion. You know the one.

Also in the future that corridor will have purple stripe.
Purple stripes are the future
It looks like reality's broken again.
Anyone with a degree in temporal mechanics around here?
Good News.
My hair's been blue for a week and I have not been fired yet.
Me and the Commander have a lot in common.
My office has a free drinks machine and I'm fairly certain I drink more tea at work than is strictly healthy, but how else am I supposed to stay coherent before midday?
One week down
I starting drawing this strip on Monday, the day before I started training at work, and I've only just finished it.

Everyone seems nice and other than our trainers making us do one of those horrible introduction games it was all pretty good. They made us do that game where you introduce yourself and say something you like, then the next person repeats what they said and introduces themselves and so on and so on until the last person has to repeat the entire lot. I was number fifteen out of twenty trainees and two trainers. I am not good at those games and if there was any point where I just felt like hiding under my desk, that was it.

That was probably the low point.
That or the time there was a line to use the toilets, consisting entirely of people from my training group. That was awkward.
I have a reason now.
Patrick is the name of my rabbit in case you're wondering.

This is a fairly old comic. You can tell because I don't even live in the house in that third panel anymore.

Also as of this week I actually have a reason to get up early. I'll be starting a new job on Tuesday. I don't start work until 9am, but it will also take me an hour to get there so expect some comics about public transport and dealing with a building full of strangers I guess.
Singing on stage is really not for me.
I'd like to say that fronting a punk band was one of the silliest decisions I've ever made.
Unfortunately that would be a horrible, horrible lie.
This is how it starts.
Yes I do go out in public looking like that.
Would it surprise you to know that I have quite a lot of toy bunnies?
90s Mega Bloks was awesome.
The Mega Bloks Legends Lion's Kingdom set from 1995 was awesome. That's where the Ambassador's pet comes from by the way. A massive six room castle playset with a bunch of neat pieces in colours unlike anything Lego made at the time and A LION WITH WINGS!

How cool is that?
Quick Commander!
Throw the newbie at them! That might give you a window of escape.