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I'm Sandra, and I write the fantasy comic "The Memory Lane"
Also I'm a hopeless WoW addict.
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    Sandra Danborg
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I forgot it was wednesday, despite having a calender in front of me most of the day...
Oooh boy, I have been looking forward to these pages for months!
Imagine my horror when I added another panel last minute
Hello again!
I've been going through an art block, but that's all over now, thankfully.
Thank you for your patience :)
As if I could resist making the middle panels visual opposites. I'm only human.
Sorry to skip a week, life has been busy and this page has a lot of panels. Hum.
See you next week!
Not cool, Aran. Not cool.
Aran is back and wrecking people's lives. What a surprise!
If I ever start lacking behind my buffer, it's all Katalin's fault. 'Cause of her stupid curly hair :[
I seem a lot worse at remembering to update, hmm... :|
Guess that means we should stop using magic, huh...
Heh- What do you mean "no"?
I could've named the chapter "Hello Darkness my old friend"
Instead, I'm going to pervert this marriage vow, okay? Okay!
Seven comic pages were uploaded all at once. Be sure to go back to the first page, if you've arrived here first!
Welcome to the prologue!
Feels weird to be back, but it's so nice to draw comic pages regularly again.
Hope you enjoy this new version!
Yay! You're back!
Also totally waiting to see everything go horribly wrong xD
June 29th, 2017
Wo-hoa, who didn't feed the kitten?
I... I'm suddenly very scared on her behalf :s