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When you're in front of your crash.
I'm bad at naming.
Yep, I was expecting for that sudden realization.
I miss their arguing so much, is it weird?
Darn it I need to know;^;
My goodness you're really good at teasing fans, CQ
I'm very satisfied with the friendship between them actually.
You can do what you want, CQ.
It's your comics after all:D
Cute awkward babies❤❤❤
I'm so HAPPY that Gloomverse is coming back❤
I remember the first day falling into this fandom.
I was sick so I didnt go to school, but I'm just too bored lying on bed doing absolutely nothing!
Then I was thinking"Hey now I got time to read that comic called Gloomverse!".
And I've became a shitty Gloomverse fan since that day.
It only took me the whole morning to the newest page(#603)
I couldn't stop reading it although my sore throat was killing me.