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Then WHERE?!?!?!
If he does I'm sure he'll be even more precious than he already is rn
You and me both, Indigo.
You and me both.
Both of them are so cute!!
Indigo is so precious and I have no idea what Judge is doing lol
Why just force him to eat especially when he's trying so hard to come up with something to sayXD
When you're in front of your crash.
I'm bad at naming.
Yep, I was expecting for that sudden realization.
I miss their arguing so much, is it weird?
Darn it I need to know;^;
My goodness you're really good at teasing fans, CQ
I'm very satisfied with the friendship between them actually.
You can do what you want, CQ.
It's your comics after all:D
Cute awkward babies❤❤❤
I'm so HAPPY that Gloomverse is coming back❤
I remember the first day falling into this fandom.
I was sick so I didnt go to school, but I'm just too bored lying on bed doing absolutely nothing!
Then I was thinking"Hey now I got time to read that comic called Gloomverse!".
And I've became a shitty Gloomverse fan since that day.
It only took me the whole morning to the newest page(#603)
I couldn't stop reading it although my sore throat was killing me.