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Art in icon by Dogbreath on FA.

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I love the sketchy-ness of your old comic pages, but you improved so much in the years that I just can't but help love it too. I love your art no matter how old, new or strange. lol
November 16th, 2010
The eye in this one looks more surprised/shocked than the one linked in the artist comments. But something is kinda off to me, like where he's looking. "Noo my juice/milk!" But that could just be me and my weird self thinking that. xD;
lol you posted this the day after my birthday. :'D It's like you knew. lmao J/K. Can't wait to see more of your work!
You're such a cutie Shuu~ lol And so is Daze. xD
I can't wait for the next update! x3 I've re-read the whole comic again. lol It's just so freaking cute. xD Do you think insects could be humanized in 'Bo's world'? I kinda want to make a moth character and draw some Bo and AK fanart type stuff. Is that alright?
Yay!! A Penguin Demon!! <3
Omg!! I love it!! >w< It's so cute!!! I hope that you keep updating cause this is such a wonderful story. <3333
Gasp~ The demon doesn't like light?! I wonder what kind of demon it is.

Is Jyuki a griffin? o wo
>w< I hope you keep updating~
I really like this!!
>w< I love Ike!
I just want to kidnap him. >w>
Dx I hope you can read it.
I drew this at school so I didn't have an refs on drawing Kana. I sorry.
December 17th, 2007
I love how this character looks!!

Reminds me of Miyavi. <3333
I suck!
I suck at drawing Oni but its fun to draw him. xDD
xDD I love your drawing style and Kana's personality. Kana looks so evil(and crazy). <3

Mousou: D: K--kana scares me. . .
Me: What happened to your personality anyway? I was going for the crazy kinda guy but you some how turned into a guy who looks crazy but isn't. ._.
Mousou: o wo? Crazy?
xDDD That's cute!!

Mousou: *huggles Silver Night Fox, Bickett and pets Kitty Fish* Tis so cute!! >w<
You can tell I was lazy while coloring this. I didn't add shade or Mousou's rainbow pubes. xDD

I hope Kitty Fish is the right color. ^^;;
Mousou: *squeals happily* YAY!!! *pets Kitty Fish* >w< So cute!!

Me: I think it looks good. Really?! x3
x3 Thank ye for posting that.

Mousou: N--no petting Kitty Fish? D: *sniffs*
November 27th, 2007
xDD lmao
I love it!!
Makes Kuro even more cute.
*kidnaps him and Shuu*
Just being random
Bitoku doesn't look to happy to have his picture taken while in la la land.